Abortions, masks and gender toilets – Biden’s first transgender cabinet minister supports for these issues!

Joe Biden has nominated Rachel Levine for the post of Vice Secretary of Health. Now the Senate just has to approve and appoint the trans woman. Conservative circles are concerned about future health and social policy.

From family man to trans woman

Richard Levine was born in 1957 and lived according to his biological gender. Among other things, he studied at Harvard, got married, became a pediatrician and fathered two children. As of 2011, Levine identified as a trans woman named Rachel, which is why the marriage broke up and they divorced in 2013.

In 2015 Levine was named Pennsylvania’s Physician General. This is something like the state’s chief medical officer. In 2017 came the appointment as Minister of Health of Pennsylvania. In this role, Levine was largely responsible for the state’s corona policy.

Lockdown, late abortion and contraceptive mandate

Rachel Levine is an advocate of wearing masks outside in the open air. In addition, the trans woman spoke out in favor of alcohol sales bans early on. Not only lockdown critics are concerned about Levine’s upcoming appointment, but Christians and conservatives as well.

Because Levine sharply criticized a draft law, according to which abortions should be banned after the 20th week – except when the mother is at risk. Instead, she called for the right to late abortions for disabled children. She also fought against a ban on the suction method, in which the unborn child is torn apart while it is still alive.

Levine defends the “contraceptive mandate,” forcing employers to fund contraceptives for their employees. President Trump ensured that organizations and companies could be excluded from the contraceptive mandate for religious reasons.

For example, the Catholic congregation Little Sisters of the Poor was released from the obligation to finance their employees’ contraceptives. Levine criticized that it was “immoral and unethical to authorize an employer to deny access to health care to an entire gender.”

Gender toilets, sex reassignments, and maybe more

Obama’s toilet ordinance allowed students to use the toilet depending on the gender they claimed to be. Because the Trump administration no longer enforced this “right”, Levine said, “The decision of the Trump administration to undo the most basic protections for transgender and non-binary youth breaks my heart.”

Of course, the trans woman also supports the assumption of gender reassignment costs by health insurance. Christian and conservative circles also fear that Levine’s appointment will have a major impact on the US Department of Health’s social affairs.

For example, the ministry could require adoption agencies to also give children to homosexual couples. More funding for abortion clinics is also very likely.

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