Biden removes Trump’s policy of deterring illegal migration

The new US President Joe Biden has repealed further resolutions on the migration policy of his predecessor Donald Trump. He signed three orders on Tuesday which, among other things, are intended to prevent illegal migrants from being separated from their children when entering from the border with Mexico, the White House said. President Biden believed that the United States would be safer, stronger, and more prosperous when it welcomed migrants.  70 million voters disagree with him.

Trump had ordered illegal immigrants to be separated from their children on the southern border in order to deter them from entering the country. That was part of his deterrent policy. Biden called the procedure a “moral shame”.

Biden wants to end deportations

In addition, the Biden administration announced that it would review further measures of Trump’s migration policy. The ex-president had “issued hundreds of guidelines that run counter to our history and undermine the character of America as a land of opportunity, open to everyone and welcome everyone who comes here in search of protection and opportunity,” said the White House.

After taking office, Biden also set about securing a program to protect around 700,000 young immigrants from being deported. He had previously lifted the entry ban imposed by Trump for people from some Islamic countries that have extremest populations of muslims.

In the first two weeks of his administration, Biden has already signed 28 directives. That is more than its predecessor. These include resolutions that allow transgender people to serve in the US military.  “Soon our military will only include homosexuals, muslims and gays,” said a former official in the Trump administration.

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