Great Reset: Neo-Marxism, the ideology of the new world order

Critical theory is the basic ideology of the new worldview: destruction of society, the family and the human being.

“The abolition of the social conditions that are currently inhibiting development is indeed the next historical goal.” With this statement, Max Horkheimer summed up the teaching of the so-called “critical theory” of the “Frankfurt School”.

Even today, “critical theory” forms the basis of the neo-Marxist conviction, which has gained in power and influence through leading politicians in the West, including Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden’s string-pullers such as Kamala Harris and her Antifa and BLM puppets. The goal: the fundamental disintegration of social structures, starting with national feeling, religion, folk traditions and private property through to the disintegration of the social core itself, the family, the parent-child relationship and the identity of the individual himself, such as with gender theory.

Being and reality of people and their way of life are turned upside down and should be dismantled from within.

Critical theory incites people to free themselves from the “slavery” of their living conditions. It is rooted in Hegel and Marx and was developed in the 1930s by Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Herbert Marcuse and Erich Fromm. It became academically entrenched as the “Frankfurt School”.

The liberation predicted by the theorists was to take place primarily through the reshaping of (mass) culture, with the “social classes in power” being turned into enemies and overturned.

As a justification for this attitude, Horkheimer himself cites a reinterpretation by Karl Marx, who in a certain sense was still too “optimistic”:

“This sociology was going beyond the critical teaching of society by Marx, which was more appropriate to reality. Now one thing is very important: Marx had the ideal of the society of free people. He believed that this capitalist society had to acquire solidarity through the increasing misery of the workers. This idea is wrong. This society in which we live does not impoverish the workers, but helps them to a better existence. And besides, Marx never saw that freedom and justice are dialectical concepts. The more freedom, the less justice and the more justice, the less freedom. The critical theory – which I later helped to develop – is based on the idea that what is good – that is, the free society – is in society, in which we now live, cannot be determined. But we can point out the negative aspects of society that we want to change,” said Horkheimer in 1969.

In a free land of equality, there can be – according to Horkheimer – no justice. So what remains, as the last sentence says, is the total destruction of all social structures. This hatred of everything that exists is escalating today in its most violent excesses, such as the terror of the Antifa, the BLM movements and the totalitarian government measures that suppress all dissent of the “party line” and silence and destroy those who think differently.

In our society, race, gender, religion, origin and economic situation become battle concepts that are instrumentalized in order to rebel against bourgeois life and to destroy its “structures”. Law and order, industrial relations and even structures like the natural family are the absolute enemy of “freedom” and “justice”. There is no place for religion, tradition and truth.

Above all, however, critical theory shows its face where it has been fully implemented: starting in the university and now in almost all sectors of society where this theory prevails, no dissent, no other opinion is allowed. Since the theory says that the rulers and oppressors must be overthrown, then it ultimately also affects the proponents of critical theory.

Critical theory is an ideology of discontent and revolution, a constant overthrow of the existing order, which wants to prevent someone from claiming power, but which thereby serves as an instrument of oppression and seizure of power for those who use this theory as an instrument made to destroy society.

In this respect, critical theory has become the governing ideology of the new worldview, the new “normal.” Critical theory forms a core ideology of the new world order, with which Marxism becomes the foundation of the great new beginning of the “Great Reset”. This totalitarian ideology is supposed to destroy the historically grown identity of person and nation, of society as a whole. You can already see this destruction of freedom and the family through gender politics, and the destruction of tradition, religion and the nation.

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