Biden wants to naturalize 11 million illegal migrants

US President Joe Biden wants to “legalize” 11 million migrants, including families, living illegally in the US. This option applies to everyone who came to the country before January 1st. After five years the “Green Card” beckons.

What else Biden is planning is in an information sheet from the White House. His argument: The USA is safer, stronger and more successful with a fair, safe and orderly immigration system that welcomes immigrants and holds (migrant) families together. His model is clearly the UN global migration pact.

After five years as a citizen

“I am not making new laws, I am eliminating bad policies,” is his explanation of the reversal of laws by his conservative predecessor Donald Trump. The conversion from “illegal” to “temporarily legal” takes place upon application to the program. If it goes through, there is a work permit, the possibility of military service and travel without restriction. After five years the “Green Card” beckons, a coveted document, which means de facto equality with citizens. There was a similar program under ex-President Ronald Reagan in 1986: At that time 3 million migrants were “legalized”. Biden’s plan has to go through Congress and there will be resistance. A Texas court has already temporarily blocked the Biden decree suspending deportations of illegal immigrants for 100 days. Reason: Further care for these people would cost the state too much.

Illegals with “rented children”

Biden also wants to overturn Trump’s law that illegal immigration is a criminal offense. Families were often separated because adults were arrested and “their children”, as unaccompanied minors, came into the care of the social welfare authorities. Reason for Trump’s decree: Illegal immigrants “rented” children south of the border, knowing that they would then be released from custody in the USA more quickly. At that time, 5,000 families were affected within six weeks. Authorities later found that 13 percent of these parents were serious criminals or not the real parents. Most of them who were expelled did not want to take “their children” with them.

New reason for asylum: domestic violence

Trump replaced the law in 2020 with the Migrant Protection Protocol, based on an agreement with Mexico. Accordingly, an asylum procedure in Mexico had to be awaited; applicants were not allowed to go to the USA until then. Biden has now eliminated that. “Doors open” is also the name of a new reason for asylum: this applies to “domestic violence” in the future, based on guidelines from ex-President Barack Obama. Before Obama, one in 100 newcomers gave this as a reason for asylum. From Obama to Trump 2018, that ratio rose to 1 in 10. Another Trump rule is likely to be overturned: any family who lived on welfare and thus cared for relatives who are not US citizens had to repay the money to the state. Biden also wants to sift through all laws that create barriers to legal immigration.

Open doors to Central America

The information sheet says in the same way: Work will be done to ensure that Central American “refugees and asylum seekers” have legal routes to the USA.

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