Indian film and sports stars protest against Greta Thunberg

(Happy 18th birthday Greta!)

In India, people roam the streets, protesting against Greta Thunberg and are burning pictures with her likeness. Indian film stars and athletes are also protesting against the interference of Thunberg in internal Indian affairs.

Due to the Corona crisis, climate policy has moved far into the background. These are difficult times for Greta Thunberg and the entire cabal behind her. If Greta doesn’t get any commissions soon, Pappa Thunberg will soon have to write scripts for Swedish television series again – a horror performance in the Thunberg clan. Or Mamma Ernman will have to sing happy songs from the stage again – nobody has wanted to hear or see them both for a long time.

So Greta has looked for a new field that she thinks she can play: India, to be precise, and the farmers’ protests there. She wrote – unsolicited and unwanted – via Twitter: “We stand in solidarity with the Indian farmer protests.” However, she does not write who is behind this “we”; she is not completely alone in her actions. The Barbadian singer Rihanna, who has no Indian roots at all, is also convinced that she should comment on the events in India via Twitter.

Both are currently covered with a shit storm of unimagined proportions. A considerable number from the ranks of the stars in Indian film, from the Indian music industry and above all from sport, mainly cricket, which is particularly popular in India, are firing one broadside after another in the media against the two non-Indians. The general tenor of their reactions was that it was inappropriate to interfere in internal Indian affairs.

Ajay Devgan, one of the most successful film actors in the country, calls on his compatriots to oppose the attempted division and false propaganda. It is important to stand together and united, said Devgan. Karan Johar, one of the most famous Indian film directors and producers, says something similar: “Let’s not let someone from the outside divide us,” he writes.

All of these many posts contain three elementary messages: Foreigners, stay out of Indian politics. Indians, don’t fall for false propaganda, and don’t let yourselves be played off against each other. #Indiatogether #IndiaAgainstPropaganda #IndiaStandsTogether

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