The switch to renewable energy in Sweden failed terribly

The (forced) switch to renewable energies in Sweden has failed terribly. Ironically, in the home of Greta Thunberg, an oil power plant went online in the early hours of the morning to guarantee the power supply in the country.

It is a setback for all blind utopians around the world who have unreflectively committed to the (forced) switch to renewable energies. In Sweden of all places (Sweden!), the home of Greta Thunberg, this forced switch failed terribly. In order to guarantee the nationwide power supply, an oil-fired power station went online this week in Karlshamn.

The low temperatures have caused a sharp increase in electricity consumption across the country (where is global warming when you need it?), writes Sveriges Radio on its website. The cold snap set a new record for electricity consumption. Since the wind power plants had to be shut down for safety reasons due to the icy wind, there was an imminent risk of a power failure or blackout. That would be life-threatening at the current temperatures.

To prevent this danger and to guarantee that the nationwide power supply remains intact, the oil power plant in Karlshamn went online this morning. The power plant was originally completed between 1969 and 1973 and has been in service since then. After Sweden’s (forced) switch to renewable energies, Karlshamn was more or less shut down, and people even thought out loud about dismantling the 335 MW power station.

Now the Löfven government’s oil power plant is – at least temporarily – keeping the government in power. Because if there is one thing that Swedes have little tolerance for, it is when it is suddenly dark and cold in their homes during the dark and cold winter.

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