Biden government: Millions of Americans remain unemployed, jobs go to immigrants

Globalist strategy realized. Great Reset on its way

Report shows the economy will only normalize after 2024. Plans to accept more immigrants into the US are already being implemented

According to the US Congressional Budget Office (CBO), millions of Americans will remain unemployed for the next three to four years while President Joe Biden is filling American jobs with foreign workers, Breitbart News reports.

In the February report, CBO analysts said the number of unemployed Americans – looking for full-time employment – won’t return to pre-coronavirus levels until around 2024.

“As the economy expands, many people are returning to the civilian workforce they left during the pandemic, so that they will return to pre-pandemic size in 2022,” the CBO report said. “The unemployment rate is falling gradually throughout the period and the number of employees will return to pre-pandemic levels in 2024.”

It is forecast that the unemployment rate will only decline again by 4% in 2024. Biden confirmed this fear that the US will not achieve “full employment” before 2031.

Still, Biden is flooding the U.S. with immigrants – legal and illegal – visa workers and green card holders.

The “catch and release” programs are being used again on the border with Mexico. Illegal immigrants are released inland, where they await their asylum hearing. Many of these cross-border commuters and illegal immigrants typically take jobs that would otherwise go to Americans.

Biden has also promised to stop the construction of the wall and to give 11 million immigrants a residence permit.

He has already indicated that he will stimulate the resettlement of refugees in the USA by 2022.

The plan of the globalists is also visible in the USA: more immigrants are accepted, the cohesion and the economy of the country are weakened, while nothing is done for its own citizens. Joe Biden will be able to rely on the support of Soros, Klaus Schwab, and the like in this endeavor.

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