Alliance of US Journalists: Global Conservative Alliance Must Be Formed

With the Biden-Harris government, globalist ideology moves into the White House – now conservatives must fight back to defend freedom, religion, marriage and justice

A group of editors from the US online journal Public Discourse has launched an appeal calling for a conservative alliance to be formed. A new consensus should be found to allow all people of good will to participate in building a just society, they say.

“Some of this follows from the convolutions and intense debates about the last administration; but it goes beyond President Trump, revealing the fragility of the coalitions that defined the right during the Cold War and its aftermath,” it says in the message.

“A new consensus is needed, and we invite others to work with us toward shaping it. (…)If we can establish the conversation partners of a post-Trump conservative coalition, then we can begin the hard work of engaging the most serious questions that face us,” the authors state.

Among these serious questions, the editors count those “elements of our common life that conservatives believe are central to human flourishing.” These explicitly include the topics of marriage and life, religion, education and justice.

Public Discourse is the online journal of the US conservative think tank Witherspoon Institute. The non-profit institute was founded in 2003 and works for a better understanding of the public for the moral foundations of free and democratic societies.

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