The next victim of the global elite: Jair Bolsonaro

Because he does not want to bow to the “Great Reset”: Brazilian President Bolsonaro is being crushed by the left and the globalist elite

First the “populist” Donald Trump felt the anger of the global elite, now they are targeting their next victim: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. He is conservative, economically nationalist and promotes the protection of life – so he is a thorn in the side of the executor of the “Great Reset”.

The main reason for this hostility is his rejection of the “Great Reset” which the World Economic Forum and many countries are currently working on to implement. Bolsonaro had had nothing but criticism for the “Great Reset”.

Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo tweeted about this:

The pandemic must not lead to totalitarian social control or the abrogation of fundamental freedoms. Freedom is foundational to the UN and essential to human dignity. Brazil stands for freedom. No to the “Great Reset””

Bolsonaro has also received severe criticism for his attitude towards the protection of life – unfortunately also from the bishops of the Catholic Church.

In late 2020, Bolsonaro tweeted about the decision of the Argentine Senate to legalize abortion and vowed that abortion will never become legal in Brazil – the largest Latin American country – under his presidency, the CNA reported:

“I deeply lament for the lives of Argentinian children, now subject to being cut in their mothers’ wombs with the consent of the State. As far as it depends on me and my government, abortion will never be approved on our land. We will always fight to protect the lives of the innocent!”

In a bold step, Bolsonaro had the beginning of life defined as beginning with natural conception. In doing so, he gave pro-lifers support to stand up for the “rights of the unborn child” and earned harsh criticism from abortion advocates for this.

So far there have been over 60 impeachment motions against Bolsonaro. The Puebla Group in particular has been particularly harsh against Bolsonaro because they want to implement communism on the entire Latin American continent.

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