Now even leftists and liberals in France fear the new-left cancel culture and critical whiteness

And some established politicians criticize the new wave of woke with surprising clarity

Old leftists want “freedom, equality and fraternity”

In France, two generations of the left are clashing: the left establishment has long internalized the dogma of equality. Every citizen is French, regardless of their origin, skin color or religion. The most sacred idea is the republic, which, according to President Macron, is “both a system and a promise.”

This promise of “freedom, equality and fraternity” is also reflected in government statistics: ethnic groups are consistently ignored. To take them into account would even be illegal and would violate the principle of equality. This is the only way for a multicultural state like France to maintain its unity and prevent division.

New leftists want to fight the white man

This system is fragile. Established politicians and high-ranking intellectuals at universities fear that it will break. Emmanuel Macron speaks of “certain social science theories that are entirely imported from the United States,” because these theories also bring conflicts with them.

For example the Critical Race Theory, the criticism of cultural appropriation and the Cancel Culture. Left-wing up-and-coming intellectuals criticize, for example, the fact that French statistics do not indicate any race, because it “hides the systemic oppression of non-whites.”

BLM protests also spilled over to France. The leftist professor Pierre-André Taguieff speaks of a “totally artificial importation of the black question in the American style.”  At the same time, the catchphrase “Islamophobia” makes the fight against terrorism more difficult.

Islam expert Gilles Kepel laments “a kind of ban in universities to reflect on the phenomenon of political Islam in the name of a left-wing ideology that sees Islam as the religion of the underprivileged.”  The education minister accused universities of being complicit in Islamic terrorism because they justify it intellectually.

Hatred of “white civilization”

It is particularly interesting that it is not only patriots who are fighting against the new wave of leftist ideology. Instead, other leftists fear for their long-failed multicultural utopia. The above-mentioned Pierre-André Taguieff criticizes the “American ideas”; the “hatred of the West as a white civilization” is their main motivation:

“The common agenda of these enemies of European civilization can be summed up in three words: decolonization, emasculation, de-Europeanization. The straight, white man – he is the convicted culprit, the enemy who must be eliminated. ”The revolution is eating its children.”

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