Conservatives must unite

The fateful year 2021 is in full swing. With the renewed lockdowns and promises of both more and fewer restrictions, the Trudeau government, supported by the Davos group, is probably giving the middle class a fatal blow. One thing is certain: our country will not slip into the Great Reset well – because it is already stumbling into a highly dubious future.

The next elections in the coming years will be of crucial importance.

Fundamental things are happening in the shadow of the impending economic fiasco. With far more dramatic consequences than mere economic damage. We will continue to be able to observe mass migration to Canada. We will be very much involved in the politically existential question: Trump or Biden? We will continue to experience how the “We”, which forms the social bracket of a homogeneous social community, will be further divided, neutralized and atomized.

“Abolish being Canadian”

Given the past six years one could and should be precise: “Abolish being Canadian”. Because this is clearly Trudeau’s agenda.  But let’s be clear, this is a phenomenon pushed on the West by the short-thinking elites with a limited outlook.

And by far not only our wonderful nation is meant, but also the consciousness of the Western citizen. His awareness of being part of a whole. Part of a common culture, part of common traditions, its unifying language, its origins and a common way of life. 

Without common ground in the community – as a socially unifying element – a national identity can no longer endure. The citizen should and will no longer be part of a community – a “We”. He should and will be isolated, split off and thus degraded to the powerless “I”.

Powerless, because he has to assert his own, so highly praised individuality against the perhaps higher and more valuable individuality of his fellow citizen.

Powerless, because with the lost “We” – as a bracket and goal of all striving – also the democratically constitutionally guaranteed sovereignty loses its value and becomes a meaningless phrase. And thus is lost. But where the sovereignty of the citizen is lost, democracy is finally destroyed at the same time.

Extradition to the neo-feudal pseudo-elite

The citizen is thus steerable and controllable by a morally liberated ruling class, which constantly emphasizes its hypermorality in order to justify its exercise of power. The consciously or unconsciously felt powerlessness results in worry and fear and often submission on the one hand, and anger and rage and with it resistance on the other.

The citizen is constantly at the mercy of the ubiquitous and increasingly intense ideological flood of the pseudo-elites of the political-economic-media complex. Here de-industrialization and energy transition to save the climate, gender gaga, mass migration and multicultural madness. And now the permanent accusation of phobias in all varieties – xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, transgender phobia, racism and discrimination against everything and everyone. Pure madness.

And so it is not surprising that the political-media complex suspect pathological motives in anyone who is skeptical and critical of their agenda.

They only know how to degenerate a democracy into an autocracy through measures that look democratic – especially in times of corona. And pathologizing opponents of the system is part of the daily craft in these model communists.

The increasingly aggressive state turns the citizen into a system slave

The “normal”, working citizen who simply lives his or her life, maybe has children and, last but not least, goes to work for their future, suddenly finds himself in the dock. If he was previously largely apolitical, he is now being disciplined, censured, admonished and properly brought up in every stage and in every area of ​​his life, right down to the – actually inviolable – private sphere by an ever more encroaching state. The previously used term “nanny state” hardly does justice to the malevolence of the current ideological approach.

Anyone who consciously experiences, reflects and tries to prevent this is faced with an almost impossible task.

As conservatives, every day we experience and resist the downright furor and sheer anger caused by the mere existence of our opposition in the political-economic-media community and their mostly state-funded organizations – the churches, the trade unions, the NGOs, the social industry companies and the so-called civil society organizations.

Progressives are, along with the entire old party cartel, in accordance with their international, socialist and globalist goals, have a clear enemy: the nation. National sovereignty. National borders. National identity and a culture that deserves respect. The family. The citizen’s own prosperity. The individual’s claim to freedom. Self-ownership of people in a civil community.

Corporatism: fraternization of political and economic interests

In the past, economic and entrepreneurial interests often stood in the way of the socialist endeavors of ideological politics. Today we experience the profit-oriented and profit-maximizing fraternization of the economic complex with politicians and their world-socialist ideas on the global stage.

Against this background, we are experiencing the already well advanced deconstruction of our market economy structures in the West- small, medium-sized, larger companies – in favor of large international companies which, through their unlimited lobbying, are exerting an ever greater influence on political decisions. In agreement and in alliance with politics, also and especially in international organizations.

We are registering the increasingly obvious efforts to establish ever larger political units. The European Union. The State of Europe. The work of international NGOs, which aim to create global, economic and political frameworks and management instruments, should also be seen against this background.

The previous framing of a “New World Order” (NWO), which is regarded as a conspiracy theory, has now been refuted in this context and appears to be quite rational. The planned “Great Reset” by the World Economic Forum (WEF) is just such a hint.

And did we not have the “honor” of hearing the UN’s António Guterres, the high priest of globalism, a Marxist of the very highest quality, say that national governments had to be overcome by international “civil societies”? Alleluia!

The people must finally do something

Now some readers may think they know all of this, at least in broad outline. Some may think that they have read all of this a dozen times in different variations. Again and again the question or even the demand is loud that the people must finally do something.

But how does that look in practical reality? The answer may seem sobering and perhaps even bitter, but it is actually of paramount importance.

50 years of neo and cultural Marxist infiltration, also known as “the march through the institutions”, cannot be reversed with a snap of the finger. And certainly not in a democratic-parliamentary system.

In Canada and the US the coalition of progressives rules with its majority de facto unhindered and very often receives the approval of the other opposition parties. Inquiries, motions or draft laws from the opposition party have zero chance of parliamentary majorities. In the West, the reality is quite simply: “Everyone against conservatives.”

The effect achieved by conservative initiatives and efforts is therefore to be sought more in the appeal to the citizen than in the actual political implementation. This radiance is greatly minimized by an extensive boycott of the mainstream media. If conservative initiatives are reported in these media, then these are “reliably” given negative connotations, are presented in a distorted manner or have a malicious undertone.

In contrast, any careless statement by these same individuals, which certainly happens, is almost naturally inflated to the maximum. This from the federal level down to the municipal and individual level.

So that we understand each other correctly: What has been written is not to be understood as a lamentation. It’s just the reality. It describes exactly what we have to do and what we have to achieve: resist, stay upright, endure everything, hold our position, stand firm, contradict, argue rationally. That, and only that, is our parliamentary and therefore also our political task and function.

Communication with the citizen, the education and the political training of the citizen – that is our only instrument and currently our only goal. We will not be able to achieve success or a majority for any parliamentary initiative for the foreseeable future. However, that does not mean that we do not have a job to do. 

The voter, who is still sovereign, is my addressee in order to be able to fundamentally influence the formation of political will and thus the setting of the course by means of votes. We have to demonstrate convincingly and comprehensibly that the voter who continues to vote for the current old parties will not see himself as a victim of the political developments in the future and thus declare himself free of guilt, but rather as an accomplice.

This may sound very unforgiving and harsh. But a democracy and the exercise of democratic rights also require the sovereign to be ready to assume responsibility. The apology: “How could all this have happened? Nobody could have guessed that! ”Has already been used in our recent history and has passed its expiry date and it is therefore no longer legitimate to use it.

The protection of the constitution 

That too is part of the ruling progressives: framing and exhausting all means towards us. The question is not so much whether we are supplying the political opponent with “food” – because he gets it one way or another. In case of doubt, he invents it or he turns a tiny crumb he finds into a whole meal.

The question is whether we blame those who dropped the crumb – or whether we continue to focus on the perfidious mainstream media magnifying glass that deliberately makes the crumb appear deceptively huge.

As long as the current political relations exist, as long as the progressive community is not publicly recognized and exposed for what they are, we will not be able to escape the anger towards us. And it follows that the redundancy of our information, the constant display, the constant questioning and disruption of the government framing and its narrative remains our very first task.

In addition to the specific technical expertise, it is imperative that political generalists are required, who, in all complexity, paint the big picture over and over again. They warn of the international networks and their illegitimate claims to power.

The Corona regime and the command and control economy will be a crash landing

As conservatives we assume that we will have to endure further political and executive atrocities before the next elections.

Assume that we hold out steadfastly. The command and control economy – administered from within international institutions – which primarily benefits the big corporations and destroys the smaller ones, will collapse because of its inefficiency.

As the only opposition, it will be up to us to repair the inevitably resulting enormous damage to the economy, society and democracy. Because we are the ones who have been addressing the coming disaster and its causes for years and we are the ones who have the expertise and the competence to restore it.

“Where there is danger, there is something that can save.”

And these things are: Nation, Freedom, Values ​​and the Independence of people – the essential pillars of conservatives.

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