Our threatened farmers

Farmers have long been a threatened minority. It was different once upon a time; then, farmers were decisive in politics and had to be kept happy. It is no longer worthwhile for politicians today; the unproductive left are those that must be appeased on threat of cancellation.

In 1900 a farmer fed maybe four, in 1980 47 and today around 135 people. In 1920 a third of the population were employed in agriculture, today that number is less than 2% and decreasing. And yet, the champagne socialists of the decadent left (and mainstream right) values iPhone production over food production; they have no concept of the importance and precariousness of domestic food production.

The libertarians must be included with these decadents: they believe in free trade and the simplistic concepts expounded in any first year economics textbook – meaning that food production should be transferred to countries where food production is cheaper (i.e. outside of the West).

It has been a long time since you could see strong countrymen mowing with scythes in the fields – or country women making hay. The sound with which the scythe and sickle were sharpened is likely to have died out. Just don’t get nostalgic: no farmer longs for these times.

Today, it is the machine that runs the farm.  Difficult fruit trees are being replaced with berries and bushes that can be harvested with minimal manual labour.

Politicians aggravate the agricultural crisis

Urban dwellers today never see tractors or any other evidence of food production – unless it is on their annual bourgeois glamping trip (recall Trudeau’s photo-op with his canoe that he had to bring in on a 737 airplane).

Who do we have in charge of agricultural policy in Canada, bsides a Prime Minister who cares more about foreigners than he does about Canadians?  Both the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Rural Economic Development were appointed because of the number of their X chromosomes, and their wokeness.  No wonder rural Canada votes Conservative.

The current Minister of Agriculture is Marie-Claude Bibeau.  Her resume includes stints with the World Bank’s Advisory Council on Gender and Development, and the UN’s High-Level Working Group on the Health and Human Rights of Women.

The Minister of Rural Economic Development is Maryam Monsef, a muslim with a history of professional incompetence.  Despite Trudeau’s majority position in parliament, she was still somehow unable to pass any electoral reform measures, as was promised during the 2015 election campaign.  Typical of leftist politicians, she immediately blamed the Canadian public for her incompetence and failure.  And who can forget that she somehow “forgot” that she was born in Iran, and not Afghanistan, as she repeatedly claimed.  Her excuse?  Well, it’s “racist” for Canadians to want to accurately know a cabinet minister’s place of birth!

With these clowns in charge, we see that the only rural or agricultural policies they advocate must include women, minorities, LBGTQWTFBBQ+, and immigrants.

The rural movement at the end of the 1920s was in fact quite radical, and we still have an agricultural crisis today – and politicians are trying to exacerbate this crisis by pushing to import leftists, muslims and immigrants into rural Canada. 

The Green Party has abandoned its roots of environmental advocacy, and is now only focused on “social justice.”  Annamie Paul talks about “how we produce our food, operate agriculture and deal with our environment” as responsible for the Corona pandemic. 

Best to plow with the horse

Well, we can reassure the politicians: the revolution in food production is on its way. Since farmers are considered racist, white supremacists, and cruel to animals by woken city dwellers, they switch to imported cattle, unless they are already vegan. No matter how hard you beat the drum for sustainable, healthy and regional customers still go for price, and foreign competition is usually cheaper.

Of course, protecting our farmers from foreign competition would be !racist! and !nationalistic! Memories of the European famine during and after the First World War, due to the trade blockade, are non-existent among decadent short-memoried Americans; it is not a good idea to become too dependent on the world market.

So what will be the result?  

When the Barbarians and early Christians (who came from the bottom of society) became established and took over the governing of the Roman empire in the first half of the first millenium, the economy, culture, and intellectual activity fell off a cliff.  The same is happening today.  Wokeness, skin colour and ethnic origin are becoming the most important qualifications.

Universal wokeness will destroy the economy, transferring wealth from the most productive to the least, either directly, or indirectly by putting the less competent in positions of wealth creation to redress supposed past wrongs.  

Agricultural reform in Africa will almost certainly make its way to the Americas eventually.  Farms will be given to immigrants to compensate them for “colonialism”, and after a short period of productivity that will carry over from the former workers, they will be unable and unwilling to use the land productively.

We will see a Great Decline lasting centuries, and this is the goal of the Great Reset, a plan supported by almost all political and business leaders in the West.  We must do whatever it takes to stop this.

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