Independence supporters win election in Catalonia

The inevitable breakup of Western nations continues.  The only solution to leftist cultural marxism is isolation of the leftists.  Be careful, though, unlike those of us on the right who are happy for all people to pursue their destiny – whatever it may be, the left will not be satisfied until everybody is under their boot.

The parties which advocate the independence of Catalonia, retained their majority on Sunday in regional parliamentary elections. As before, the regional government in Barcelona will continue the course of confrontation with the central government.

After counting almost all ballot papers, most of the votes were received by the socialists, the electoral authority said. The socialist PSOE ruling in Madrid, which is called PSC in Catalonia, can therefore count on almost 24 percent of the votes and 33 seats in the regional parliament in Barcelona. They are against independence, but ready to negotiate.

In second place would be the moderately separatist ERC with a good 21 percent, which will have 33 seats. In third place is the uncompromising JuntsxCat, the party of the former regional president Carles Puigdemont, who fled to Belgium, with just under 19 percent and 32 seats. In addition, there is the left-wing CUP in the independence camp with around 6.5 percent and 9 seats. Together that would be 74 members of the regional parliament in Barcelona with 135 seats.

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