Escape from the 21st Century – When Science Fiction Becomes Reality

Children born in early 2020 grow up as if under a dome where another reality exists outside. A new form of society is looming in the future, which once filled the box office as science fiction and which may still seem impossible today, but which for some is already part of everyday life.

In 1976, the American director Michael Anderson released the science fiction film “Logan’s Run”. The film is set in the future and shows people in the 23rd century who live in an affluent society in cities underground. Everyone wears the same clothes, has enough food and knows no fears and worries, and nobody gets older than 30 years. Each resident has a crystal chip in the palm of their hand that starts to glow red when their 30th birthday approaches. However, not everyone will not resign themselves to the fact that their time is running out and conspiracy theorists claim there is a refuge. A seemingly omniscient computer manipulates the clock of leading actor Logan 5, played by Michael York, so that his time is almost up. Consequently he is given the task of finding and destroying the so-called Sanctuary.

The film shows a society that exists within huge domes. A computer always informs the residents that the outside world is uninhabitable and that it is imperative that life be isolated from the outside world. The computer pretends that death is lurking outside and that an organism cannot survive there. People live in a futuristic affluent society in which everyone is equal and everyone can lead a carefree life up to their 30th birthday. Everything is strictly monitored by a control system that controls a supposedly omniscient large computer. Individuality is abolished. Immediately after birth, every resident receives a crystal chip implanted in the palm of their hand, which serves as a clock and shows their remaining life. When the life span of 30 years has expired, the residents voluntarily go into a machine from which they are promised “renewal”. In truth, however, all birthday children are killed in the “carousel” to the cheering of the population.

Anyone who doubts the system and tries to avoid the “renewal” is declared a runner and hunted and killed by sandmen. Logan 5 is actually one of those sandmen who hunt down people who don’t want to be killed by the machine at the age of 30. However, when the computer manipulates and falsifies his own lifetime, he is forced to investigate the rumors of a refuge. After an exciting journey with the runner Jessica 6 (Jenny Agutter), he finally manages to leave the domed city and find refuge. Once outside, he learns from an old man, played by Sir Peter Ustinov, that life outside the domes is very possible. Logan realizes that nobody has to die under the age of 30 and that people live like slaves for no reason.

Parallels to Reality?

In 2021 there will be children in this world who will grow up similarly to the domed city. Anyone born in early 2020 has only known masks so far. Keeping your distance, no physical proximity, covering your nose with several masks, constant control, all of this is normal for these children. They don’t know any other way. At the moment there are children who stand by the window and start crying when they see a stranger walking past on the street who is not wearing a mask. These children have rarely been around people and some are downright afraid of other people. So far, their immune system has had little chance of developing because there is hardly any contact with bacteria and viruses. These children will grow up with the absurd claim that there are more than two genders, that they can choose theirs as they please, and that there are no differences between people and there are no cultures. They will grow up in a world in which politics and the media paint one horror scenario after another on the wall and always come up with gloomy prognoses. They are told that if they hug them, they could kill their grandparents. They grow up with people being a threat. They are made to feel guilty about the weather and they should learn that only they are called to save the planet – but from home in lockdown.

Freedom through independent thinking

Children born in early 2020 have grown up in a pseudo-reality that has nothing to do with reality. The dome under which they live is not visible; it is in their head and they are trained not to question any rules. In the film, Logan learns to think for himself on his way out of the domed city. Once outside, he realizes that nothing was as it seemed. The reality in the domed city had been artificially created by an overpowering computer in order to keep people dependent and to dominate them completely. Logan ends up meeting an old man and seeing cats for the first time. Up to now he knew neither age nor animals. While the people in the domed city were literally bred and did not live in families, Logan and Jessica are learning what family means outside of the domed city. Together with the old man, Logan and Jessica then go back to free everyone else in the domed city, although no one in the domed city has the slightest inkling that their reality is not real.

For those who live under the mask / dome, there is another reality that was artificially created. The masked people are made by fear to unconditionally follow the system and all instructions of the rulers. The dome people are born in this pseudo-reality; they don’t know it any other way. The children born in 2020 are therefore similar to the people in the domed city. They begin their lives in an artificially created, controlled world that restricts them from the start and determines their life, while reality still exists but is not visible to them. It would therefore be high time we finally returned to the normality that exists wherever media and politics do not spread horror scenarios. We owe it to the children, who now have to live isolated as if under domes, so that they can grow up freely and carefree. We have to stop being scared of death all the time and finally start living again. Ultimately, we must not forget that so far humanity has been stronger than any virus. 

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