Oops: Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Finnish Greens for nuclear power. Canada’s investment is less than 1% of Gates’.

Many critics are of the opinion that nuclear energy does not work in principle. Others accused the utilities of reaping the profits and charging taxpayers with waste disposal. 

The situation in Canada is ambiguous: once a leader in nuclear technology, successive governments have let investment in research and technology dwindle to practically nothing.  Our nuclear knowhow has gone the way of our manufacturing capability.  

At the same time, each election brings a federal or provincial government too scared to make a decision, for fear of losing a single vote.  The result: no new nuclear power plants are planned in Canada.  Green Party leader Annamie Paul is against nuclear power – she is more concerned about “social justice” than protecting the environment.

Now, however, nuclear energy is getting prominent aid – namely from the multi-billionaire Bill Gates, who is highly popular with the Greens and Leftists.  The Microsoft founder calls for massive investments in climate protection and considers nuclear power to be essential (as, by the way does Elon Musk, who is also provided with a green halo).

Bill Gates wants to intervene in the fight against climate change by investing two billion dollars in start-ups and other projects over the next five years. It is important to prevent a climate catastrophe with innovation, he says.

Shouldn’t Prime Minister Trudeau be actively seeking some of this money?  Instead, the federal government has “invested” less than 1/100 of Gates’ funds (C$20 million) in preserving fewer than 200 jobs in Canada’s nuclear industry.

Bill Gates also spoke a traditionally Green heresy: “Because of their unreliability in generating electricity, solar and wind energy are nowhere near enough.” The nuclear power rejected by environmentalists is therefore essential.

Of course, everybody knows that. Because it’s nonsense from a physical point of view and because it sends incredible amounts of resources down the chimney.  Even the Greens in Finland are now in favor of nuclear energy. A new reactor will go into operation in Finland this year, and next year the  Finnish repository for high-level radioactive waste  Onkalo will open in Olkiluoto.

Two more Finnish reactors are planned. From the point of view of the Finnish Greens, the prerequisites have been created for using nuclear energy to switch to non-fossil fuels: “ We are on the right track with our energy policy, ” says Green MP Atte Harjanne. The Finnish Greens have only been of this opinion last year.

Not to mention the fact that over 50 new nuclear power plants  are currently under construction worldwide. Nuclear power is not at its end, but at its beginning.

The price of electricity has doubled since the beginning of the energy turnaround, and Trudeau’s carbon tax has not helped ordinary people heat their homes.  But politicians have long since sought out a personal sanctuary in distant sunny climes with their expense allowances, or when that is not enough, they can just call on the Aga Khan for access to a private Caribbean island.

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