No more border wall or deportations: This is how Biden makes the USA unsafe

The new US president is apparently busy day and night trying to torpedo successful projects of his predecessor Donald Trump: now he has stopped the construction of the border wall along the southern border.

With the stroke of a pen, Biden made the security of the US less secure and put his political ambitions above public safety; the wall is important to reduce the number of (illegal) immigrants.

Biden makes the USA insecure again

It is disgusting to see all of this now. Trump provided the Biden transition team with all the facts, data and analyzes that prove the purpose and functioning of the border wall. No one from the new government had consulted with the border guard (ICE) before the enactment.

Another Biden decree that allows illegal migrants to wait for their asylum procedure in the US has also been signed. Trump stopped this possibility in 2019 with the “Migrant Protection Protocol” (MPP), also known as the “Stay in Mexico” program.

More convenient asylum procedures – no deportations

It was supposed to stem the flow of unfounded asylum applications that paralyzed the work of the authorities. According to the rules of the MPP, asylum seekers had to wait for the decision of their case in Mexico. Before that, tens of thousands of illegal immigrants and families from Central America came to the USA, applied for asylum there, waited there for their decision, which they could appeal several times; many went underground.

With another decree, Biden also suspended the deportations of illegal immigrants for the next 100 days. He justified this with the need to concentrate all efforts on combating the Covid 19 pandemic.

Democratic principle: Americans last

The Democratic Congressman, Henrico Cuellar, whose constituency lies along the border, was informed in advance of the Biden decision and welcomed Biden’s wall decision, which under Trump reached a proud 450 miles (725 kilometers) in length. Cuellar was visibly pleased that the borders would soon be open again.

Biden’s decision is a “promising step … to stop the construction of the ineffective and wasteful border wall” and to reverse the damage it has inflicted on the border areas. He is determined to work with the new government until every single border wall contract is terminated and all construction workers have left the border region.

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