Crazy gender nonsense: gender fluidity and poly-sexuality

Are you gender fluid or polysexual? Bravo, you are trendy. Are you just a heteronormative man or woman? Then watch what you say. It might not be politically correct. 

From unisex toilets to unisex fashion: the heteronormative conception of the world of ordinary people, which still distinguishes between men and women, is to be broken. Instead of the millennia-old wisdom of yin and yang, according to which the world consists of opposing male and female aspects that form two poles, so to speak, a motley mess should now determine our gender-ideological worldview. Fashion should also break binary gender norms.

Everyone can be anything and do anything with everyone. Hooray! Why have children? Let us die out together! After us nothing!

God created man and woman? So that humanity can multiply? A society in which no children are born is dying out – we can see this in the birthrate for almost every single Western Nation. It’s that simple. We exist because our parents and grandparents and ancestors believed in families.

For the new mainstream ideology that has been forced upon us, this image should be a thing of the past. Now there is talk of gender fluidity and poly-sexuality. Do you identify yourself as a flower and I as a bee? Great. That’s how it works too.

What is actually the deeper meaning behind the gender gaga? Behind it are ideas from cultural Marxism. An eternal cultural revolution should permanently question all values ​​and expose cultural and social norms until everything is so blurred in the end that people no longer have binding values ​​that hold them together. In the end, the isolated individual is in an atomized society.

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