Basketball: Mavericks owner no longer wants to play the national anthem – but has overlooked something important!

There is mounting opposition to Mark Cuban’s decision to stop playing the anthem. The NBA’s clarification is abundantly clear!

The anthem boycott began four years ago

The scandal surrounding the American national anthem began in August 2016, when the football player Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the anthem. He did it because does not want to show pride for a country “that stands for a country that oppresses blacks and other colored people”.

The billionaire Mark Cuban is considered a kind of “anti-Trump”.

The protest against the anthem spilled over into other sports such as basketball where Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said of his players in July 2020: “If they kneeled [during the national anthem] and were respectful, I would be proud of them.

It has now been announced that he no longer wants to play the anthem. And that he hasn’t let it play for the last 13 games! But that was not noticed because no spectators were allowed due to the Corona measures.

NBA refers to “longstanding principle of the association”

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has now responded with a general statement: “As NBA teams are now in the process of welcoming fans back to their stadiums, all teams will play the national anthem and thereby adhere to the association’s longstanding principle.”

The NBA rules stipulate that the national anthem play and all players stand during it. Teams cannot get around that. Mark Cuban then issued a snappy statement:

In it he pointed out that many Americans do not feel represented by the anthem. And that it is necessary to “find what unites us”. According to media reports, Cuban announced to the NBA that he would reverse his decision.

US anthem is not racist at all

The Star-Spangled Banner is about a military victory over the British in 1812. With the text, Francis Scott Key expressed his joy that the US flag was still flying over Fort McHenry after heavy bombing.So far, this hymn has been exactly what “unites us” for Americans. It was sung by Democrats and Republicans, blacks and whites alike. It is therefore doubtful that the anthem boycott will contribute anything to the unity of the country.

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