American Elementary School wants anti-racism education for babies and toddlers

“They’re not too young to talk about race!” – that is the title of a graphic that recently caused disconcerted reactions among Twitter users. It is part of a public presentation aimed at parents of students in a US elementary school.

Politically correct education for all ages: books and morning meetings against racism

An information evening for parents was held at the Ashburton Elementary School in the US state of Maryland in early February. The theme of the event: anti-racism education for all age groups .

According to the presentation, which was made public and shared on Twitter, the school told the parents how often they should talk to their children about race.

A study was also cited in the presentation that recommends not only having conversations about race when asked by the children, but also to present it as “part of us”.

To achieve this, teachers and students should, for example, read anti-racism books and talk about racism in morning meetings, while parents should hold monthly racism meetings and act as “anti-racism sponsors”.  Soviets and other communists would regularly have “meetings” to talk about capitalism and capitalists; the meetings were also used to denounce colleagues who demonstrated bourgeois behaviour.

Disturbing graphic: anti-racism education also for babies from three months

But that’s not all. On slide 13 of the presentation there is a graphic with the title: “They’re not too young to talk about race!”.

It shows images of children between the ages of zero and six – each age group being tapped individually for their ability to be racist.

So you can read about the age group of 0-year-olds: “Shortly after their birth, babies notice faces of all races equally. But from three months, babies pay more attention to faces that correspond to the race of their educator.”

Furthermore, according to the graphic, children aged 1 to 2 would already use race as an explanation for people’s behavior and choose their playmates by race.

5-year-olds would then already have just as racist attitudes as adults and would devalue other groups of people.

“All people are equal” was yesterday: Leftists now want to talk more about races with children

From this it is concluded in the graphic, which comes from the website of a left-wing primary school: Young children recognize races and think about them. Adults often believe that talking to children about race can create prejudice, but the opposite is true.”

The makers of the graphic claim: Racism arises because people don’t talk about races. Teachers and families could play an important role in changing this so that “children of all ages could develop positive attitudes towards race and diversity”.Various scientists are cited as sources. However, it is more than questionable whether the graphic really reflects and interprets the findings of the individual researchers in a scientifically correct manner.

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