Independence for America’s Rural Heartland!

Immanent political instability in the US and Canada means rural populations will hold more sway.  Local and healthy food from your region’s heartland should have priority.

How important a functioning agriculture is, which can supply people with fresh and healthy products, has only become clear to many citizens in the Corona crisis. The political instability in the US is bringing us closer to civil war and the breakup of large nations into more manageable, homogenous, and independent states.

The principles of a liberal agricultural policy, are therefore  more relevant today than ever. Because a rural and decentrally structured agriculture that – apart from agricultural factories – is able to supply the population with healthy food from local production.

Protect the rural class

Our agriculture produces high-quality and healthy food and ensures the supply of the population even in times of crisis; a free and efficient farming class is the prerequisite for maintaining the natural livelihood of our homeland. But the wrong rural policy of the Trudeau government, the pressure of the world market and the increasingly unattractive occupation of the farmer – among many other reasons – are causing more and more local farmers to leave their land fallow. This must be stopped. Our home country is characterized by a rural cultural landscape that generations of farmers have shaped and cared for. The importance of agriculture extends far beyond the economic benefits: Traditions and customs arose in everyday rural life and in the seasons and form an indispensable part of our identity.

Effective support for farmers

In order to counteract the decline in our rural heartland and to strengthen the farming class in Canada and the US, food should consistently have designations of origin. Only in this way is it possible for the consumer to freely decide whether he is buying food that has been transported thousands of kilometers or whether he uses local products whose quality standards are guaranteed to be high and which therefore deserve a fair price, which benefits local farms.  Because it is precisely the regionality and the preservation of local farmers that ensure food security in the West and also strengthen the economic power of rural regions. The importance of regionality cannot be underestimated – especially in the context of Rural Independence.  Freedom farmers stand for the preservation of our agricultural landscape and the traditional values that have brought strength to our people. But we also need a change in agricultural policy, away from Trudeau’s attempt at swamping us with immigrants and refugees from his Rural and Northern Immigration Program.  Leave your gender and race based programs in the big city, we want none of it.  We want none of your progressive “ideas” at all.

A growing movement for Rustipedence has begun.

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