Leftist professor: If you treat your dog well, you are a racist!

Treating dogs well is racist – and animal shelters secretly promote white supremacy, says a leftist professor. 

The reason for dead dogs? “Capitalism, Anthroparchy, White Superiority and Patriarchy”

Katja M. Guenther is a professor for gender studies at the University of California and also a book author. In her latest work The Lives and Death of Shelter Animals she wants to draw attention to racist structures in animal shelters and when keeping dogs.

Whoever thought it was good to take care of a dog will be taught better by Guenther. It is a sign of white superiority to keep animals for social reasons and to treat them well.

At the same time, animal welfare would discriminate against the colored population of the United States of America, as they live in precarious conditions and are condemned to buy dogs for status reasons and to keep them on a leash in the garden.

Therefore, in her opinion, animal welfare must be ended. It is okay for people of color to have dog fights to build wealth. After all, whites only banned dog fights in order not to allow others to escape their precarious circumstances, she claims.

Shelters are a tool used by whites to reproduce their whiteness

But that’s not all: the system of animal welfare and animal shelters only serves to remove dogs from precarious circumstances – which she associates with black skin color – and to bring them into more affluent circumstances – which she associates with white skin color.

The fact that many of the employed and volunteer helpers in animal shelters are white makes this point clear. After all, they establish the principles of power and status in the shelter and make it impossible for other helpers to change the structures.

Some Amazon reviews are clear: Many speak of a one-sided view of things. Others speak of postmodern rubbish or describe the book as a danger to long-fought animal welfare. One user writes: “If you can’t afford a dog, don’t get one. The treatment of my dogs has nothing to do with race. When will this nonsense stop?

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