A “professor” at an elite US university likes to put a few lines of heroin up his nose!

Dr. Carl Hart finds hard drug use no worse than alcohol. In his desire for decriminalization, however, he relies on the wrong politician.

Professor also likes crystal meth

Hart teaches psychology and neuroscience at Columbia University in New York and has no problem publicly admitting that after work, he prefers to relax with “a few lines of heroin by the fireplace” . This is what he writes in his book on drug use for adults, which the New York Post (NYP) reports.

In addition to heroin, the 54-year-old also enjoys ecstasy and methamphetamines. He has also tried a synthetic substance popular with junkies that can be found in bath salts. Hart’s verdict: “unequivocally wonderful”.

According to the NYP, however, this substance known as flakka causes strong hallucinations in people who, when intoxicated, often tear their clothes off and break into strange houses. In addition, meth and heroin are among the four deadliest drugs of all.

It has to do with racism …

Hart’s demands to legalize such hard drugs are therefore far from calling for the approval of medical marijuana, for example. According to the father of four, drugs are not in themselves the problem.

Hart advertises his book with the claim that it was not drugs, but their “criminalization and demonization” that were a “considerable scourge for America” – and that “not least because of the reinforcement of the structural racism in this country”. In fact, US prisons are filled with a black majority. Many are in for drug offenses.


Hart, who places hopes in Joe Biden to loosen national drug policy, fails to recognize one thing: It was Biden who, as a Senator, was instrumental in supporting laws that make possession of drugs like crack, which are mainly used by black people, is punished far more draconically than possession of drugs that are more popular with whites.

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