Politicians and the media profit from the pandemic

Radio and television are gaining in importance in the corona plan.

Anyone who has dealt intensively with its course, the various medical-virological views on the effect of the now-mutated virus and the political measures since the beginning of the corona event, can no longer have any doubt: What we are experiencing and suffering through, is a political and media pandemic of the worst proportions in Canada and other Western nations.

This is not intended to downplay the medical dangers and effects of the coronavirus. These dangers and effects are real. They are just as real, but also considerably less, than cancer, heart attack, stroke or pneumonia. Nevertheless, the measures have a dramatic effect on human souls, society, public life, the economy and culture apply exclusively to the fight against a virus with a very low risk for people under 80 years of age or old people with an intact immune system.

What could still be accepted as an understandable panic reaction to the horrific images staged in the media from northern Italy at the beginning of the Corona events has long been no longer acceptable. And the drastic measures taken by ruling politicians would no longer be accepted if the necessary controversial scientific, medical and political discussion had not been censored and suppressed at an early stage. With this repression, the political and media beneficiaries of the Corona events have actually made a diabolical pact: namely, the maximum dramatization of the virus risk for the purpose of massive fear and intimidation of the people.

Of course, this pact was never agreed or even signed. Rather, it results from a common set of interests. For the prevailing politics, especially for the ruling parties, there was a completely unexpected chance to rejuvenate their tenures to new levels and new power perspectives. To this end, the aged, who are deeply insecure, only needed that the government credibly suggest that they were selflessly fighting for every human life.

This maneuver, as false as it was and is, can be considered a success. And the media, especially the economically distressed press companies, seized the opportunity, achieved audience viewing records or are now receiving state subsidies.  There is no reason to reduce or even stop the successful generation of panic.

This has long since looked completely different for a large part of the population. Because there is anger and deeply felt powerlessness, existential fears are circulating, social problems are becoming more and more urgent, psychological damage is spreading especially among children and young people. This is of course also registered by politics and the media. However, it is no longer possible to react to this with the only realistic and liberating possibility, namely the admission that you have to live with the danger of the virus and prepare yourself accordingly.

Because that would be an admission to have taken the wrong path for inferior, deeply selfish motives. We are all now hostage to this fear of the mighty of their revelation. Forcing it will be very difficult. But there is probably no other way to get out of the self-destructive impasse of lockdowns and vaccination experiments on healthy people.

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