Concerned about discrimination: English humour soon with warnings

Like on cigarette packs

This is not a joke: The controversial public radio and television company BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), which has long been accused of being left-leaning, now wants to provide popular series such as “Blackadder” with “politically correct” warnings so as not to discriminate against marginalized groups. The main comedian here is Rowan Atkinson, who is known to many as “Mr Bean”.

The series Blackadder is a television series produced by the BBC in the 1980s, whose main character is satirist and comedian Rowan Atkinson. Atkinson plays a precocious know-it-all in various historical phases: Late Middle Ages, at the court of Queen Elizabeth I, during the “Regency Period” (late 18th century) and also in the trenches of World War I.

Blackadder is always accompanied by an impoverished idiot dressed in filthy rags called Baldrick, who is by no means as stupid as he initially appears. Blackadder himself is only a relatively small wheel in the respective historical time period and is constantly humiliated by his superiors. Blackadder knows how to crouch upwards and to kick downwards (like for example towards Baldrick): A typical idiot who overestimates himself mentally.

In one series he is supposed to marry the fat and old Infanta of the Spanish court for political reasons, who speaks no word of English and of course Blackadder does not understand Spanish. The Infanta is therefore always accompanied by a simultaneous interpreter with a strong Spanish accent (even in the double bed), who looks like the famous painter Velasquez from the same historical time zone. Of course, every episode ends in disaster for Blackadder …

England is unrecognizable

Because historical swearwords are used in these episodes (such as DAGO for Spaniards), this series now needs to be provided with “warnings” that are otherwise only found on tobacco products. The BBC really thinks of everything, especially our peace of mind.

Also the comedian John Cleese, who is known to many from Monty Python and Fawlty Towers (where Cleese plays a neurotic hotel operator who wallows in his typically English class arrogance and totally under the thumb of his equally neurotic wife) left England permanently years ago and now lives on the Caribbean island of Nevis. John Cleese says in a BBC interview that he no longer recognizes England and feels like a stranger on the island.

Lack of humor as a seal of approval

Lack of humor is the seal of approval of the Woke / Black Lives Matter / Cancel / MeToo etc. “culture” and absolutely nothing is allowed to proceed that does not fully correspond to the totalitarian and desolate mindset. For example, Shakespeare’s classics have just been deleted from some high school textbooks in the USA because his works are misogynist / racist, etc. (the list goes on and on) and emphasize old class differences. Humor always requires intelligence. However, this is increasingly difficult to find. And so the conclusion is drawn more and more often: better no humor, so that afterwards nobody is “offended”.

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