When Johnny Cash abuses cultures with the Muppets

Disney trying to catch the Devil’s herd across these endless skies

The Disney corporation cannot be accused of neglecting its content. After adding warning notices to several of his classic films such as “Peter Pan” or “Dumbo” , the “Muppet Show” now also receives a trigger warning on his streaming service Disney +.

As the industry service “Variety” first reported, there are now 18 episodes of the puppet comedy series: “This program contains negative depictions and / or abuse of people or cultures. Those stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now. ”But they didn’t want to censor the films.  Yet.

Rather, Disney wants to educate its viewers. It reads like this: “Instead of removing this content, we would like to recognize its harmful effects, learn from it and stimulate discussions in order to create an integrative future together.”

Cash sings in front of the southern flag

However, Disney did not reveal to the sensitized users of its offer which scenes exactly justified this warning. When looking at the series, which was produced between 1976 and 1981, one stumbles upon a guest appearance by country singer Johnny Cash (1932-2003) in one of the marked episodes. The musician performs one of his most famous pieces – “Ghost Riders in the Sky” – together with the puppets.

This is what the “Man in Black” does in front of a Confederate flag under which the southern cities fought in the US Civil War. It doesn’t matter that this is still widespread not only among fans of country music. After the iconoclasm of the “Black Lives Matter” movement last year, the flag has a very negative image in the USA, as the southern states are only perceived as slave owners.

The music of the devout Christian Cash, which he presented in a children’s program, falls into the category of “mistreatment of people or cultures” around 40 years later. The singer, who campaigned for socially marginalized groups throughout his life, would probably never have dreamed that.

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