Fact checkers censor articles critical of George Soros … and are paid by Soros

“Independent fact-checkers” do not exist. A tight network of censors acts behind the scenes, acting in the interests of their financiers

An article from the international life protection website iFamNews was recently censored by fact checkers. Also on Facebook, the article about the funding of abortion groups by George Soros had received “warnings” that it contained “partly false information”.

Now it turned out that the censoring “fact checkers” work for companies that are paid by none other than George Soros himself. What about their “independence”?

Two organizations attacked the article mentioned. VoxUkraine declared it “untrue” and the website StopFake.org for “manipulation.

In 2018, VoxUkraine received 15.1% of its funding from the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) , according to the report. In 2019, 30% of the organization’s revenue came from the same fund. The IRF was founded in 1990 by the Prosvita Society with funds from George Soros. The foundation claims to be completely independent, but is part of the Soros Open Society Foundations network.

In other words, VoxUkraine, independent defenders of George Soros and his allies of the “falsehoods” published by IFN Russia, exist and work with – what a surprise! – George Soros’ money.

The second critic is called StopFake.org. StopFake says it is part of the Media Reform Center project. This is also financed by the IRF.

“It has come full circle,” comments iFamNews , “Soro’s network of ‘independent fact-checkers’ – or perhaps it would be more correct to say ‘Soro’s network of censors’ – moderates Facebook posts and decides which of them is officially recognized as ‘truth’ and which are considered ‘fake’, ‘partially false information’ or ‘manipulation’. This includes protecting the ‘immaculate’ reputation of George Soros himself.”

The fight against “disinformation” is therefore financed by the same people who would be put in a bad light by the content of this so-called “disinformation”.

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