“Clown World”: cult rapper Tom MacDonald describes our sick world perfectly – storms the charts again!

Just weeks after he hit the top of the US charts with Fake Woke, the independent artist is stepping up. Clown World, the title of his new song, is even more accurate in its description of the left-wing madhouse we all live in.

Smart phones – stupid people

“You worry about leaving a better planet for our kids. How about leaving better kids for our planet?”  The very first verse of Tom MacDonald’s new track Clown World proves that the Canadian rapper has by no means said everything about the left zeitgeist with his previous songs.

Clown World was released on February 26th and went straight to number 2 on the American iTunes charts. Kicking the ass through the independence of the music industry is a lot of fun,” tweeted the 32-year-old. That’s right, you won’t hear so many unfiltered words anywhere else.

Message: Do not let yourself be divided!

In the chorus, MacDonald also takes up the corona pandemic : “I think fighting violence with more violence is what they want,” he raps. 

“Viruses and riots, people dying, we won’t stay home

Black lives matter, all lives matter, what’s all this division for? 

It’s modern segregation, this is setting a civil war. “

As in many of his previous tracks, MacDonald tries to make it clear with Clown World that the conflict between the ethnic groups is deliberately instigated. He himself grew up color-blind as a child .

Stirred racial conflicts, cancel culture, folk idiocy – all of this somehow makes sense to the former wrestler: “They’re creating chaos so that they have something to save you from.” Whether you share this view or not: The Pressure on Apple / Spotify and YouTube / Google to cancel the rapping one-man army is increasing.

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