Dementia: How Long Can Joe Biden Last?

It was already clear in the presidential election campaign: Joe Biden, who was   77 at the time, repeatedly showed failures that could not be convincingly explained by his age, a personality that had always been somewhat bizarre in parts, or the efforts of the (pre-) election campaign. Anyone who  has been scientifically and practically focused on dementia, cognitive disorders and geriatric medicine, will come to an unambiguous diagnosis based on the available video material. 

What evidence is there for this assessment? 

 Since taking office, there has not yet been a regular press conference at which Biden has been asked about the numerous executive orders he signed immediately after taking office,  the bombing in Syria or the minimum wage problem. No US president has taken such a long hiatus in the past 100 years. If Biden cannot  read from the teleprompter – as was the case at the  swearing-in – there is a risk of trouble, like  here put together: Blacks and Hispanics are not smart enough – “not smart enough” – to get a vaccination appointment online; on the problem of China’s dealings with its Uighur minority, he even adopted the Chinese government’s propaganda formula; finally, he also claims that a vaccine against Corona has only been available since he took office, although he himself had already received a – publicly celebrated – vaccination on December 21. 

The fact that the TV interviewer seems to be completely unmoved about these verbal missteps throws a telling light on how the major media deal with Biden’s problems. The following,  really drastic incident also met with  hardly any media response: At the end of February, Biden paid an official visit to the state of Texas. In his short, thematically very clear welcome speech in Houston, he completely loses the thread after just three short sentences and then seems just as helpless as at a loss.  

And how can the latest  incident on March 3rd be explained? The plan was  to broadcast a video conference of Biden from the White House – in the presence of Nancy Pelosi, among others – with the Democratic congressmen. But after Biden had initially criticized the removal of the mask requirement that had just been announced in two states and was now, as he said, looking forward to the questions of the Democratic lawmakers, the White House suddenly switched off the broadcast without any explanation. 

What are the symptoms?

Dementia describes, regardless of the underlying disease, a mental degradation to an extent that is relevant to everyday life. Biden’s everyday life is not the contemplative evening together with his younger and much fitter-looking wife at home in Delaware – without any special intellectual challenges, apart from perhaps occasional visits to relatives, friends and long-term neighbors. No, he has chosen one of the most challenging jobs there is on this planet. 

Which brings us to the first of Biden’s various symptoms of dementia. Anyone who still dares to take on the job of US President in their late 70s should have done above average physically and, above all, mentally – compared to their peers. Since dementia, as is the case with Biden, does not arise suddenly, but develops insidiously in the vast majority of cases, he – given the current severity of his dementia – with a high probability already had mild or very mild symptoms when the primary campaign was imminent and he could have backed out then. What he did not do, as is well known, because, like most of his fellow sufferers, had no or at least no adequate awareness of disturbances or no realistic assessment of his remaining abilities.  

In addition to this lack of or insufficient insight into the disease, Biden’s dementia is characterized by an already moderate memory impairment: Even extremely significant events such as his corona vaccination or, long ago, with which Chinese politician he negotiated the Paris Climate Agreement at the end of 2015, have already been buried. Furthermore, word finding disorders occur again and again, in connection with an already clear breakdown of language. Because, hard to believe: Biden was once considered one or even the best speaker of the Democrats. Today he is lost if he does not have a teleprompter in view. Otherwise he mumbles, sometimes after a lively start, usually only a few more meaningless sentences, for example that it is safer with a protective mask than without. Finally, it becomes particularly clear if he loses the thread, there are also so-called executive disorders. This means, among other things, problems with planning and mental flexibility, i.e. a limitation of the ability to mentally foresee the path leading to the goal and to adapt thoughts and behaviors to new, challenging and unexpected situations. 

If age, symptoms and previous course of the disease are taken into account, Biden’s dementia is most likely due to Alzheimer’s disease. That doesn’t bode well for the prognosis: It goes on, on and on, but unfortunately only downhill. As an old political warhorse, well acquainted with the customs, terminology and media of political Washington for fifty years, he was able to survive the primaries thanks to the long routine. He also benefited from the Corona conditions, which allowed him to predominantly fight the election campaign from the basement of his private house. So he made it – at the end with medical support – until the swearing-in in January. For a few weeks now, it seems that the end of the flagpole has actually been reached. It should therefore not be a coincidence that onFebruary 22 a total of 33 Democratic Congressmen  sent a letter to Biden  with the proposal to give up sole command of the nuclear weapons in the US arsenal. 

Significantly impaired judgment

This is certainly not a bad idea. Biden’s ability to make judgments is severely impaired simply because of his memory impairment. Because the memory works according to the principle of “first in, last out”, which leads to a basis for assessment that is heavily influenced by the past: Events that occurred more recently are overvalued, newer ones are undervalued or not considered at all because they are not mentally available or only partially. A normal press conference, with a wide range of topics, without a teleprompter, without pre-submitted questions, with critical journalists and not just court reporters, would end in disaster for Biden. 

A way out has to be found

I would be very surprised if the leadership of the Democrats had not long since formed an informal task force to work out a plan for how the party and state can get out of the Biden presidency. It will not be easy, because the Democrats – like the mainstream media – are entangled in a building of lies. 

Provided that the president is fundamentally cooperative, an attempt could be made to persuade him to resign for health reasons, i.e. to come out as demented or cognitively impaired and therefore no longer able to meet the demands of the office. However, that would immediately lead to the legitimate question of why he and especially those around him only noticed these health reasons now and not before the election. So it would be helpful to gain a little more time. But Corona will not be able to serve forever to keep Biden away from other statesmen, major public appearances or press conferences. Time is running out.

But if the big media can basically play along and maybe give the whole story a spin, what could have happened if Biden had not acted so responsibly by resigning from office and how something similar can perhaps be prevented in advance in future presidential elections, it could even work. Especially since the current vice-president Kamala Harris is the better president for the media, which is sworn to  diversity, anti-racism and socialist ideas: finally a woman, and then still “black”. 

Of course, it would be more elegant to tell of a sudden and unexpected acute illness, such as a minor stroke that overtook the already somewhat fragile president and the cognitive consequences of which would now force him to resign. It becomes difficult when Biden – which is not infrequently the case with dementia – does not behave cooperatively, but wants to remain president.

One thought on “Dementia: How Long Can Joe Biden Last?

  1. The Democrats knew Biden had Dementia even before the election. Now they don’t know what to do about him. They even have all news stations protecting and sheltering Biden. There are so many lies to cover up !
    Do the Democrats really think the American people don’t know what is going on and how crooked the election was just to make sure Trump didn’t win. Now all you fools in Washington have a major problem!!!


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