Redskins and cheerleaders – a word of farewell

The former Washington Redskins aren’t the most impressive team in the National Football League (NFL). But they rose to become the woke champion. After saying goodbye to the traditional name, we are now saying goodbye to another football tradition: The cheerleaders are sent to retirement.   The American capital is becoming the capital of wokeness. Even in the White House there is an unprecedented wealth of gender and skin color.

The Redskins have been causing trouble for a long time. On the one hand, of course, because of their mediocre footballing performance. But – more importantly – because of their name with the safely classic Native American description as Redskins. Then there was the feather headdress logo, which left no doubt that the red skins did not mean pale faces suffering from high blood pressure, but people who were formerly called Indians.

Oh, what kind of times it was when Old Shatterhand called his Apache friend Winnetou his “red brother” and Winnetou called the powerful Saxon his “white brother”! Today the Washington Redskins would have to call themselves the Washington First Nations most wokestly, according to the politically correct form customary in Canada. One has – apparently not very enthusiastic about this foreign alternative – temporarily agreed on the bone-dry term “Washington Football Club”. We are looking for something a little more dashing, a name that encourages the players to perform at their best.

It has puddled up

This is all the more important as the cheer and dances of the pretty cheerleaders will be missing in the future. Where one has eluded the accusation of racism with great effort, the accusation of sexism should now also be dealt with. So two birds with one stone. One follows the example of those Miss America pageants, which meanwhile do without the swimsuit appearances of the applicants. The inner values are now decisive, a severe blow to those applicants who previously focused on their outer values. After all, they can continue walking down the catwalk with or without their inner values.

The cheerleaders (or should we not speak of cheerleaders?) do not have this chance. Since they are no longer allowed to be cheerleaders, they can either go home or stay as normal spectators in the seats in the stadium. One can only guess where the sexism accusation that drives the Washington cheerleaders away came from. In any case, the complaints shouldn’t have come from the cheerleaders themselves. Could it be that the complaints came from circles that have neither the external values ​​of the cheerleaders nor the internal values ​​of the contestants?  Or from people who have never seen a football game, and never will?

Note: we could rewrite this article almost verbatim, except by replacing Washington Redskins with Edmonton Eskimos.

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