After the Great Reset – urban eco-communism?

The World Economic Forum has been planning our future for a long time. The upheavals caused by Corona make it possible to change society quickly and sustainably according to these ideas and to implement its visions of a “new world”. For the majority, however, this new world order seems rather frightening.

Dolphins have returned to the bays of Venice, the traffic has decreased – even if the air quality did not improve to the same extent – and pedestrians and cyclists would have more space, if they were allowed to go outside at all. With these and other examples, an attempt was made to present the lockdowns in spring 2020 in a positive light. Corona is now already being described as one of the biggest disruptions in recent years, synonymous with September 11th, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the communist dictatorship or the end of World War II and the elimination of another socialist dictatorship. Each time it was promised that from now on everything would get better, that we have learned from the mistakes of the past …

Chance for a new beginning?

Even now, in the course of the corona pandemic, it is declared that this is a unique opportunity for a fresh start – avoid old mistakes and start a better and sustainable future with fresh confidence and climate awareness. But somehow those concerned and who should actually be the sovereign – the people and the citizens – are not asked for their opinion on how they actually imagine a possible new beginning. The plans for this have long been in the drawers of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and are now openly announced. The new beginning or “Great Reset” has long been a done deal, the only thing missing was the appropriate occasion, which has now finally found itself with Corona.

Future vision of the WEF

The plans of the WEF are quite tough and are not necessarily geared towards the well-being of everyone, but rather towards the few and the conformists. For example, the radical left Danish politician and former socialist environment minister Ida Auken drafts the scenario of a possible future in the article “Here’s how life could change in my city by the year 2030” on the WEF website, which is of course only intended to stimulate discussion. The dream scenario of the studied theologian, who was also selected as the Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and was chosen as one of the 40 most promising young leaders in Europe, seems both naive and dangerous.

Paths to Communism

To sum it up in a few sentences: In 2030 the inhabitants of the city concerned will be living almost without a need and completely without owning anything. There is no cost for food, clothing, housing, etc. There are no more cars and therefore no traffic jams. Public transport are freely available to everyone. The living spaces are used by other people while the “residents” are away. Most of the work is done by AI and machines and otherwise serves to pass the time and distract with technical and multimedia pastimes – so far, so communist. However, this paradise also has its downsides.  Everything and everyone is monitored around the clock and every movement is recorded. And for those who have not been able to make friends with the technology and the new social and political circumstances (or who may not want to be tested and vaccinated in conformity with Corona) there is no place in the dream city of the new dream world. These are the “lost”, as Auken regrets. They live outside the city in the ruins of the “old world” in small self-catering groups or in abandoned houses in small 19th century towns – classic modernization losers and outcasts.  I call them the lucky.

Sacrificed civil liberties

For the city dwellers, however, if one follows the fictitious sketch of Aukens, essential basic rights and freedoms must be sacrificed in order to continue to participate in a certain level of prosperity. Although this prosperity is apparently not limited to the satisfaction of basic needs, certain resources still seem to be scarce – or why should I let someone else into my own four walls or have to make them available to them? Those who like to eat meat will have to do without it. And property in the form we know will no longer exist. There does not seem to be any room for real individuality either. Those who do not adapt and cooperate have no place in the new society.

Ghettos for the unadapted

Auken’s description, which she naturally does not want to be taken seriously – why does it appear on the WEF website and not on a blog for science fiction stories – is strikingly reminiscent of the developments in socialism, even if leftists always emphasize that it there never was any real socialism or communism – what was called that was always corrupted and falsified. But there, too, people who did not want to go with them on the way to the workers ‘and peasants’ paradise “got lost”, although they did not live in small villages or towns, but “disappeared” or lived in the camps of the Gulag system. The new radical upheavals will also deal with critics in a similar way, even if they all only serve the good of humanity in the sense of an alleged humanism.

Climate change as a reason

Without privacy and depending on the approval of a few corporations, there will be no more rebellion – no matter how big the socialist shortage economy is again, because you could still lose that little. That is why the dance around the golden calf, in the form of “climate change”, will continue after Corona. Restrictions, leveling and leveling. “You will not own anything and be satisfied with it”, as it is said in a video from the WEF.  And the gaps that the upheavals and the “lost” have torn are being filled by increased migration of billions of people. At least this is how the driving forces behind the Great Reset envision the future. However, there is increasing resistance, people want to determine their own future and not let a few “philanthropists” shape it. And because of the spirit of resistance, the vision of Aukens and other WEF members will remain what it is until now – fiction.

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