Left-wing cultural barbarism: Now correct mathematics is also racist

In the US, the mania of freeing the present and the past from all colonialist and oppressive influences does not stop at History: Now you even find it in subjects where you have to invent the alleged discrimination first before you fight it.

A totalitarian cultural Marxism and scientific relativism are on the advance on all fronts since the “woke” Zeitgeist received a boost with “Black Lives Matter” last summer, which no longer stops at taboos and borders. While political correctness and gender mainstreaming had previously let off steam in the intellectual and linguistic spheres, the struggle increasingly shifted to the level of physical violence. Burning cars, looted shops and victims of the lynch mob beaten to death by Antifa thugs after the George Floyd protests was followed by “cancel culture”, which brought about a new storm of images: Since then, monuments, street signs, but also books, films and works of art that somehow contain “culturally insensitive content”, “colonialist” and / or of course “racist” content have been on the hit list. Even global media corporations – like Disney with its “Stories Matter Initiative” – are taking preventive action and practicing self-censorship by apologizing for allegedly racist depictions of their classics from yesteryear – from the “Jungle Book” to the “Muppet Show” .

The delusional furor of the new Red Guards has long since been directed against the “reactionary” curricula of universities and schools and is supercritically targeting everything that somehow fits into the paranoid enemy of White Supremacy, Eurocentrism or Western cultural imperialism.  That the “anti-racist” auditors aim first of all at the humanities disciplines – history, literature, but also music, whose teaching canon in perfidious degradation of the supposedly equal but suppressed cultural achievements of other ethnic groups always only the Western-European and “white” creations and Would acknowledge knowledge is not surprising. The black-and-white color grid already reveals who is meant by these other ethnic groups: almost always African peoples, in some cases perhaps the North American indigenous people. This is completely sufficient for the narrowed BLM Antifa tunnel vision.

Cultural relativistic madness

So far, the natural science subjects have seemed immune to the acid bath of the radical left cultural revolutionaries because they deal with objective natural phenomena that can be verified by all people regardless of their origin. Above all, mathematics, the subject of abstraction and logic reduction par excellence, could not be more apolitical and therefore more “non-discriminatory”. Or so you thought.

But now the anti-racism madness, the cultural relativistic madness no longer halts before this supreme discipline of the mind. Because the definition of right and wrong, the display of thought patterns and solution steps and the setting up of a solution matrix, for example, were based on a certain culturally shaped, naturally “white” dominance, a “handout for math teachers” was recently published in the US state of Oregon.  It recommended that in future “several answers to a mathematical question should be recognized as correct rather than just one”.  Not only “conservative” (today synonymous with: still halfway normal-thinking) mathematicians and other scientists in the USA could only shake their heads about this, and were reminded of George Orwell’s dystopia “1984”, where the motto is: If the Party says 2 plus 2 equals 5, then this is absolutely correct.

The recommended teaching sheet from Oregon does not talk about this, but rather how to “motivate different students with different starting points to think mathematically” and “use different approaches to mathematical problems”. The background to this ideological indoctrination is the comparatively young discipline of so-called ethnomathematics. It claims to investigate “mathematical areas, methods and processes from different cultures” and claims that there is mathematics in every culture, provided that this is understood to mean the investigation of purely formal structures.  Yeah, well if my grandmother had wheels she’d be a bicycle.

“Excluding” counting methods

For example, it should be advisable to allow different calculation methods; Take the examples of a child learning numbers by counting their own family members who all come to visit. Because they as relatives “were previously separated from all other people and marked as belonging”, the child would be practically inoculated that “the dog and the cat and the neighbor who is nearby do not belong”. With this “exclusionary” thinking, structures would be created for “a certain mathematics”.It continues at this hair-raising, absurd level – always driven by the convulsive and pathological attempt to somehow detect “racist” or “discriminatory” patterns. The “western” mathematics is only one of many approaches, because in one culture, counting and calculation is the main thing, in another, geometric patterns are combined and interwoven into great works of art, in the next, gradations and sizes are compared. The fact that Western mathematics goes back to Arab and Indian influences and thus satisfies the required intercultural claim is based on history does not, of course, fit the anti-racist-woken Taliban 2.0 worldview.

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