The clock is ticking: in just nine years everything should be different

2030 – a magical year, at least for the global elite. Because in a number of articles and plans that were created before Corona, it is outlined that our lives and our society will change radically by then. 

One of the many prophets who looked to the year 2030 is one of the loves of the World Economic Forum and the Danish radical left Ida Auken.

Left utopias of a city

As early as 2016, she dreamed of “her city” in 14 years. Where nobody owns property (not even their own apartment), where there are no more cars or privacy, and where artificial intelligence has done most of the work. A great life, enthuses the narrator. Just sometimes it annoys her a little that she has nowhere to go without being registered. Everything she does, even thinks and dreams, is recorded. She just hopes no one will use it against her. No, not in this dream city! At least not as long as the Thought Police don’t find any irregularities, I suppose. Wow, and how do you feel about this vision of the future? Can’t you wait too?

Slums for those who think differently

If not, Ms. Auken has a place for you: The slums outside the city … In 2016, this still sounded like crazy science fiction to the common man. In 2021 things are much more serious. Under the pretext of the common good, we should give up everything, nip our most natural needs in the bud, allow ourselves to be monitored and controlled, and sacrifice fundamental rights and self-determination. Mobility is being combated, expropriation is happening more and more brazenly and new concepts for the cities “after Corona” are already being worked on, because the destruction of all shops, restaurants and cultural institutions creates an eerie emptiness. Radical change is in full swing and the horror visions of 2030 are within your grasp.

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