10 stock photos that want to show tough women in male professions, but unfortunately fail mercilessly

Everyone should do the job he or she wants. But these stock photographers could at least try a little bit more before rashly tagging their pictures with “feminism”, “emancipation”, and “expertise”.

1. Scientists often look seriously at their slides instead of looking at them under the microscope that is right next to them. Sometimes they also invite their colleagues to join in.

2. Botanists are so afraid of plants that they cover their entire bodies in protective suits – except, of course, the parts that the plants actually touch.

3. This is how you hold a soldering iron if you want 3rd degree burns.

4. It is important to look seductively before your hair and glove get caught in the drill and you suffer terrible injuries.

5. Agronomists listen to the heart and lungs of plants with a stethoscope.

6. When you want to portray a tough lawyer but only have a Slytherin costume.

7. Doctors often hit patients in the face with a hammer for a spontaneous reflex test.

8. Voice actors have to secure the permanently installed microphone by hand, even if that ruins the recording.

9. Stockbrokers with brightly colored hair do the best business when they put their fingers to their temples and only see display boards through the window.

10. Exactly, the RAM belongs in the PCI slot.

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