Health experts: Corona isolation policy for children “psychologically harmful”

Children should eat separately and wear masks around the house

Corona measures are “cruel punishment” that “cause psychological damage” and are “not scientifically based”, confirm experts in Canada.

After the Peel Health Institute’s strict corona guidelines were issued in the greater Toronto area, which are aimed at parents of children in schools or day care centers, health experts spoke out who sharply criticized the quarantine guidelines.

They would do great psychological harm to children. Schools also distributed a leaflet in the Peel region calling for young children to be isolated in their own homes.

As if the isolation at home wasn’t enough, the strict restrictions should also be applied to children who don’t even have symptoms. “These children should self-isolate,” meaning they would have to stay in a separate room, eat in a separate room, and even use a separate bathroom. And if the child should leave a room, it is required that they wear a mask and keep 2 meters away from other family members. All other children in the house must also be separated from their siblings during a 14-day forced quarantine.

According to Dr. Susan Richardson, director of the microbiology department at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, this is a cruel punishment for a child, especially younger children ages 4-10. She explained, “Cutting a child off from their parents and siblings in this way for up to 14 days could have significant and long-lasting emotional and psychological repercussions.”

Dr. Tess Clifford, director of the Psychology Clinic at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, questioned the feasibility of the measures. More importantly, she also expressed concern about the health and well-being of innocent – and healthy – children and said the measures would “most likely harm children who are already suffering from considerable suffering from being home.”

Dr. Martha Fulford, an infectious disease doctor at Hamilton Health Science who specializes in pediatrics, said the measures were “shocking … especially considering this is suggested for children who are not in any way ill.”

Once again, the “cure” is more harmful than the “disease”.

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