Racially motivated murder by blacks of a white man

Steven Amenhauser died of serious burn injuries

In the state of New York, two black people committed a racially motivated murder of a white man. The 53-year-old Steven Amenhauser died of serious burn injuries.


Two black teenagers, aged 14 and 16, were arrested by police in Rochester, New York, on suspicion of jointly committed murder of 53-year-old Steven Amenhauser. According to a report by Fox News and the local TV broadcaster WHEC, they deliberately entered the 53-year-old’s apartment, poured a flammable liquid over their sleeping victim, who was sitting in a chair, and set him on fire. Amenhauser suffered severe burns and 70 percent of his body was burned. Despite intensive efforts, the doctors could not save his life, Amenhauser died a day later.

The two youngsters caught the attention of the alarmed police near the crime scene and initially gave false personal information during the first questioning. In the subsequent arrest to establish identity, the two suspects turned out to be 14-year-old Adriel Riley Junior, with a criminal record for robbery, and 16-year-old Zayvion Perry. Both were picked up by police in February while traveling in a stolen vehicle. Riley Junior had only been released from 14-day detention the morning of the murder.

Not only were the two young blacks on trial for the offenses committed, the parents had to and must answer for both the robbery and the “jaunt” in the stolen car. This also applies to the current murder. The court has ordered Adrian Riley Junior and Zayvion Perry to be remanded in custody for jointly committed murder. The young people’s parents are charged with complicity in murder and neglect of parental duty of care.

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