After criticism of Mohammed: Teachers have to hide from Muslims

Aggressive Muslims closed the grammar school in Batley, England for several days.

First there were massive attacks on teachers who were critical of Islam in France and cost the life of a middle school teacher. Now there are attacks by countless Muslim organizations on a teacher at a British grammar school.

School has to be closed

Massive protests took place for several days in front of a school in Batley, West Yorkshire, England. The grammar school, which is attended by almost 1,000 students, even had to be closed for two days. A teacher had dealt with “Charlie Hebdo caricatures” in a religion class, which showed the prophet Mohammed in human form – something forbidden by Islam, and is punishable by death. Now the pedagogue is receiving death threats.

The head of the school, which is roughly comparable to a high school, tried to defuse the conflict. He offered his “sincere and complete apologies” to students and parents, although why he should have to apologize shows just how far our once great society has fallen.

It was “completely inappropriate” to show pictures in class that could “deeply hurt”, wrote the director.  He then announced an investigation. However, that did not go far enough for the angry demonstrators, who will settle for nothing less than sharia law.

The teacher is suspended

Again and again there were calls on social media to demonstrate for the “defense of the honor of our prophet Mohammed” in front of the school. Militant songs were sung there. The demonstrators unequivocally called for Teacher’s immediate dismissal and their own participation in the planned investigation.

A local imam who attended the rallies said in a speech that it was important to ensure that “something like this never happens again.”

Muslim parents whose children attend school took part in the radical demonstrations. Above all, however, Muslims from the region who had no stake in the school had come and were incited by radical calls on social media.

Pictures and videos of the demonstrations on the Internet showed angry bearded men who tore off their masks and screamed loudly. But at least they were wearing masks.

A little later the director of the grammar school announced the suspension of the teacher. It is not yet clear whether this was done with the consent of the Ministry of Education. Instead of jail time and deportation notices for the guilty, the teacher and his girlfriend have been taken to an unknown location because the authorities are obviously concerned for their lives.

The British “Free Speech Union” criticized the school for having given way to a “censorship mob”.

Cheap words from politics

Tory MP Sajid Javid also criticized the school principal. In Great Britain, religion should be “questioned”, said the former Chancellor of the Exchequer. “This hard-won freedom must be enforced by every public institution.”

Education Minister Gavin Williamsen (Conservative Party) said in London that schools are “free to use the full range of topics, ideas and materials in their teaching, even if they are difficult or controversial – provided they meet the duty of balance”.

Then came a restriction from the minister: This needs “to be balanced with the need to promote respect and tolerance between people of different faiths”.  No it does not!  We should not willingly, and with the aid of the government, promote ideas that are antithetical to our way of life – there can only be one result of this: our way of life will change.  Our way of life that has brought us great successes and victories.

Muslims: “Behave sadistically”

But even this declaration was not enough for Islamic associations. It is “alarming that the Ministry of Education is promoting the division by attacking parents and students,” said the chairman of the Ramadhan Foundation in Manchester, Mohammed Shafiq.

And the local Islamic charity “Purpose of Life” threatened the school with withdrawing its support unless the teacher was “permanently eliminated”. He “behaved sadistically”.  Let them withdraw their support, we don’t need them.

The association wrote – referring to the educator by name: “Even liberal democracies have limits to freedom of speech.”

Students initiate petition

But there were other voices too, reports the Daily Mail. For example, a petition was started by students at the Grammar School that requires the teacher return to his school; it has already been signed by well over 3,000 people. He is neither racist nor Islamophobic.

The protesters, on the other hand, did not behave peacefully; they even yelled at the police aggressively and blocked access to the school.

What will happen to the teacher in the near future is unclear. Whether and when his suspension will be reversed is in the stars. In Great Britain there have been repeated scandals over the past few years about the influence of Islamic groups in schools, and with an increase of progressives, this will continue until the left has won.  Submission to Islamic guidelines takes place gradually.

Bad memories of France

The dispute over the teacher in Batley awakens eerie memories, not only in England, but also of the case of the teacher Samuel Paty in the Paris suburb of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. In October 2020, the middle school teacher was beheaded in the street by an 18-year-old Chechen Muslim after Paty showed and discussed Charlie Hebdo drawings in his class.  The murderer was incited by social media reports posted by muslims of Paty’s classroom teaching.  But it is Dr. Seuss that needs to be banned, not Islam!

A little later, philosophy teacher Didier Lemaire from Trappes (near Paris) had to have police protection because he had made it known that radical Islamic organizations in his town had repeatedly attacked Jews and largely made law and order in his community a thing of the past.

According to Lemaire, the norms of Sharia and the decisions of the Islamic “justice of the peace” apply. Practically all Jews fled Trappes – most of them to Israel. Even moderate Muslims would prefer to live in other places.

Didier Lemaire has drawn far-reaching personal conclusions from the threats; he recently announced that he would quit school. It was probably also a warning to him that in 2015 Islamic extremists attacked the editorial staff of the French satirical newspaper “Charly Hebdo” and killed 12 people.


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