State of emergency without end: Now the climate lockdown threatens!

The Great Reset and Agenda 2030 

Almost half of the world’s countries are gradually returning to normal. Growing pandemic fatigue can also be observed in Canada.  Instead of meeting at a restaurant, people now meet privately – but then these “large gatherings” had to be officially approved. But even without a pandemic, other outrageous reasons could be used to continue to systematically destroy public life. Now the climate lockdown threatens!

Lockdowns are an effective means of isolating the population, preventing social contacts and thus also any political or civil society engagement, and driving the economy into the greatest possible dependence on the goodwill of the state. The nuisance regarding the corona measures is just an encroachment on the part of the state. Even before that, Canada de facto destroyed its key industries with the introduction of the carbon tax and so-called climate targets.

Social restructuring through large problem constructs

Be it the 400,000+ migrants entering Canada each year, the climate crisis or now Corona – what these problems have in common that they were created willingly and knowingly by the elites, and, they say, can only be solved by supranational organizations and fundamentally entail profound changes in society.

Sustainable Development Goals.jpg
Big problem constructs: The goals of the 2030 Agenda 

Lockdowns as a mass education method

After the lockdowns have proven themselves as a mass education method, the first voices are already being raised to impose climate lockdowns. In order to achieve the Paris climate goals, for example, Western societies would have to be put under a total lockdown at least every two years, according to a study

So it is not surprising that the Canadian Environment and Climate Change Minister, Jonathan Wilkinson feels called to communicate: “I would not consider it out of the question that we might get into a situation in the climate crisis where we actually forbid one thing or the other.”  That Socialists generally tend to ban things is nothing new. But they themselves are probably not aware that they are going hand in hand with the same globalists that they used to blame for “climate change”, although the new enemy is people who drive cars and heat their homes in the winter – because it is easier to bully the little guy than it is to confront a complex problem head on; especially when that confrontation means going head to head with powerful elites and popular celebrities.

“Great Reset” Schwab rejects the end of the lockdown

Because even Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum, answers briefly and concisely when asked when life can be as it was before the pandemic: “Never. Nothing will ever return to the feeling of normality.”  So it is no wonder that Schwab and his ilk not only see Corona as a means for the purpose of a gigantic restructuring of society, but will also use the ominous climate crisis in their favor, subjecting the western world to probably the largest and most perfidious human experiment to world history.

Wilkinson openly states what awaits us: “We need measures to deal with climate change that are analogous to the restrictions on personal freedom that are used in fighting pandemics.” Brave new world, indeed.

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