New wave of migrants: No to further incentives for immigrants

Thousands of migrants are still arriving in Europe every month. Politicians are not willing to stop this. High court judgments are ignored because of “moral reasons”. All of this creates even more incentives for the flow of illegal migrants to Europe to increase again.

The unhindered flow of migrants and so-called “refugees” to Europe has never really stopped. However, the topic is currently completely overshadowed by Corona and is therefore hardly present in public perception. Only a few deportations recently brought the issue of migration back into the public eye. On the other hand, you hardly read anything in the headlines about the constant attacks on the borders.

More arrivals in the Mediterranean

The flow of immigrants in the Mediterranean never stopped. Especially now, since NGOs are again active on site with “rescue ships” and the weather has improved, a sharp increase in illegal migration to the European Mediterranean countries can be expected. Most of the so-called refugees, however, do not want to stay in Italy, Greece or Spain, rather they are drawn to Germany for economic reasons, which has taken on the role of a “World Social Office” under Angela Merkel.

The goal is Germany

For this reason, around 1,000 migrants have been entering Germany for months, largely unnoticed by the public, in addition to those who have already been officially taken in from Greece even though they have applied for asylum in Greece. In January and February of this year alone, 2,100 people applied for asylum, although they are already entitled to protection in Greece. This illegal onward migration is not new, the phenomenon has been noticeable for years. However, the state is powerless or does not want to take action against this illegal immigration and simply leaves the people in the country.

No proceedings, no deportation

For these additional immigrants, probably at least 7,100 asylum seekers in 2020, are usually not returned – and their asylum applications are not processed either. The reason for this is, among other things, the courts. It was only in January that the North Rhine-Westphalian Higher Administrative Court ruled that these refugees, who had already been recognized in Greece, were not allowed to be deported there because they were threatened with “the serious risk of inhuman and degrading treatment”. In addition, a “considerable number” threatened to become homeless there and they would also find it difficult to find work. Additional incentives for a further increase in migration flows.

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