Massive protests on Lesbos during a visit by EU Commissioner Johannsson

“You are not welcome here!”

EU Commissioner Ylva Johansson was greeted by massive protests from the local population during her visit to Lesbos. They are tired of the fatal EU asylum policy and vented their displeasure: “You are not welcome here!” they yelled Johannson again and again.

Johansson probably had a very different idea of ​​her visit to the Greek island of Lesbos. Instead of friendly words and a welcome drink typical of the country, there were loud protests from the island population, tired of immigration, for the “Asylum Queen”, which was written on posters. This was not least because Johannson wanted to discuss plans for new asylum camps on site. The regional governor of Lesbos had his own way of dealing with the plans of the EU and Johanssons: he joined the protests against the visitor and let her know: “You are not welcome here!”

The locals gathered in front of the building where the talks were taking place and blocked Johannsson at the entrance. “You should be ashamed,” the EU Commissioner shouted, implying the usual –  that the population was “racist”. “This is our country, not yours!” shouted an elderly, very angry woman directly in the face of the EU politician, surprised by the intensity of the protests. The demonstrators made it clear that they were not in the least interested in further camps with third world immigrants on the island.

“Neither on Lesbos nor anywhere else will we turn Greek islands into prisons,” they sang standing under the window in which Johannson wanted to hold talks with the regional governor Moutzouris. The Lesbian governer left the regional government building himself, waved to the audience and announced that he had canceled the meeting. He said he was confident that construction of the planned camps would be stopped – which was greeted with great cheers.

The governor said he decided to cancel the meeting after reading a blog post Ylva Johansson published prior to her trip. There it was read that the EU Commissioner was planning, among other things, to provide around a quarter of a billion euros for the construction of new warehouses on the Greek islands. “It is obvious that she does not take the local population into account and that she was here to discuss decisions that have already been made,” said Moutzouris after he turned down Johansson and the EU.

The protests of the indigenous population – as in this case – against the ruthless policies of the EU and their migration policy, one learns next to nothing in the anglo world’s mainstream media.

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