Viktor Orbán is planning Hungary’s post-pandemic era with pro-family organizations

“This lockdown and isolation has been tough on the families, and we need a plan to reopen schools, resume sports and study groups.”

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has discussed strategies for the post-pandemic period in Hungary with representatives of family affairs organizations, About Hungary reports.

While Trudeau and Biden are gagging citizens with ever tougher restrictions, other countries are talking about opening up and rebuilding.

After his conversation with the head of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on the same topic last week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán discussed the post-pandemic period with the heads of various family-friendly associations.

“The country doesn’t just have to be restarted economically,” said Prime Minister Orbán in a Facebook video after the talks. “This isolation has hit families hard, and we need a plan for how to reopen schools, resume sports and study groups, reorganize summer camps, and how the country will regain its vigor and confidence.”

Orbán proves that he is future-oriented and will not be intimidated by the EU when it comes to Corona. An upswing is only possible with the support of the family.

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