World Economic Forum: Everyone should have a digital identity

Corona crisis should be exploited to digitally control people

A nightmare should be turned into reality: All people should have a digital identity with which they are connected at all times. This opens the door to complete surveillance.

The plan, as discussed at the World Economic Forum , can be summarized as follows:

All people as well as all devices get digital identities and are networked with each other. The whole thing is glossed over with the term “smart”.

The digital identity of the citizen should then be used in the following areas:

– the economic activities (e-commerce) of the person

– communication data on social platforms

– the use of telecommunications

– travel activity and mobility

– financial activities and financial services

– the interaction with the state and authorities.

All of this should be networked with one another in such a way that we form a digital society. It is the idea of ​​the “Smart City”.

The fear of data misuse is omnipresent and justified. The World Economic Forum tries to allay this fear:

“Strong governance and transparency of the data and business models behind the provision of digital identity are the key to building trust with people. To avoid surveillance, the secure collection, storage, transmission and agreed use of identity data requires strict verification.”

But everyone is currently seeing in the corona crisis how quickly data protection can be undermined and old rules overcome if the rulers have a corresponding reason to hand.

One thing is clear: the plan is not a utopia, but a dystopia, a nightmare that is becoming a reality. The digital ID will make each of us a transparent and controllable person.

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