Two years after Notre Dame fire: where is the report on the cause of the fire?

Two churches attacked every day in France

April 15 is the second anniversary of the Notre Dame fire. The official report on the cause of the fire has still not been submitted. An average of two churches are attacked every day in France.

Between 2019 and 2020, six major churches and cathedrals burned in France :  Notre Dame,  Nantes,  Rennes,  Saint-Sulpice,  Lavaur and  Pontoise.  The deputy chairman of the I&D group in the EU Parliament, Nicolas Bay, called the Nantes fire “a heartache for every Frenchman” and a “declaration of war” on our “Christian and civilizational heritage.”

In November 2020, the 21-year-old Tunisian Brahim Aouissaoui killed three people by beheading in the Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption basilica in Nice a 60-year-old churchgoer, a 54-year-old sexton and the 44-year-old Brazilian Simone Barreto Silva, mother of three children. Aouissaoui had recently entered the EU as a “refugee” via Lampedusa.

Last Easter Monday, the Saint-Nicolas church in Avesnes-sur-Helpe near the Belgian border was set on fire and suffered severe damage. The arsonist is a 60-year-old migrant known to the police.

In 2018, 877 churches in France were attacked by vandals, or 2.4 a day. 32 of the attacks were arson attacks, 129 churches were robbed. In 2017 there were 1,045 cases of vandalism and 109 thefts.

In Denmark, Vejleå Church in Ishøj was sprayed with graffiti on Easter Sunday : “We are conquering Denmark” in Danish, and the Shahada in Arabic: “There is no god but Allah.”

According to religion expert Nina Shea, the perpetrators are a combination of thieves, anarchists, left-wing extremists, Satanists and Islamists who have a hatred of Western civilization and Christianity in common. 

There are no official figures on church vandalism in Canada or the US, and even if there were, it may be that they are withheld in order to keep religious peace.

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