No humanitarian action: Refugee NGO hoists the Antifa flag

Commitment to left-wing extremist terrorist movement

The NGO “Sea Watch” openly committed itself to the left-wing extremist organization Antifa and even hoisted the flag of the terrorist violent organization on its tugboat of the same name. The so-called ‘sea rescue’ in the Mediterranean, through which people from Africa are smuggled into Europe, takes place literally under the flag of the left-wing radical “Antifa”.

Conservative criticism as an excuse to flag extremists

“Because of the popular vote by AfD and other right-wingers against a flag of anti-fascist action on our bow, we decided to remove it. It now hangs a little more visible. You’re welcome,” the NGO, paid for by taxpayers’ money boasts.

“Rescue at sea” as an “anti-fascist fight”

In fact, this confession is not only the revelation of what critical minds have long suspected, but from now on the actors can no longer rely solely on humanitarian and apolitical motivations for their activities. It is now clear that the illegal smuggling of hundreds of thousands of migrants follows the radical agenda of left-wing extremist organizations.

So it is no wonder that Pia Klemp, most recently working on the boad named after the French anarchist “Louise Michel”, is proud to put to sea, “not as a humanitarian action but as part of an anti-fascist struggle.”

Gross violation of maritime law

But showing the flag of an extremist group is not only a political scandal, it is also prohibited under maritime law. The international maritime law regulates meticulously through the flag system which flags are to be carried on seagoing vessels and for which purposes – this includes, for example, indications of inability to maneuver or refueling as well as the flag of the home country, the host country or flag signals for communication. However, the Antifa flag is not one of them.Every flag has its meaning and its exact place – at the highest point of the ship, for example on the main mast, the flag that has the highest rank or that deserves the highest honor is usually hoisted. Usually this is your own national flag. Replacing this with an Antifa rag gives a deep insight.

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