Censorship at Amazon: People should not learn the truth about the “Great Reset”

The online mail order company Amazon has banned Michael Morris’ insightful work “Lockdown” from its range. It is not the first censorship of its kind by the online retail giants. 

Corona as a cheap trigger for “Great Reset”?

In the book, Mr. Morris asks critical questions about the background to the lockdown, which he believes is intended to push citizens towards eliminating cash without provoking protest. In his Lockdown book, Morris believes that Corona was not the cause, but only the trigger, which the elites are using for the largest experiment to date to reshape the world in the spirit of the Great Reset.

The author’s assumption: Probably the most extensive and momentous system and financial crash of all time had been prepared well in advance and will make a return to the old normal impossible.  And such a book is of course a thorn in the side of a company like Amazon, that has won the corona lottery, and has been removed accordingly. As the author reports, “the book received 513 customer reviews (…) with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars”. 

Author suspects modern “book burning”

“If you know that Amazon is the largest bookseller in the world and dominates the North American market, then that is almost a monopoly on English-language literature. The deletion of a book on Amazon can thus be compared with what book burnings used to be: a means of manipulating opinions that was last very popular in the 1930s,” says Morris.

The author finds clear words on the subject: “Of course it is no coincidence that Amazon only deletes my bestseller after nine months of very successful sales. Why on earth did the group, which in recent months, thanks to the orchestrated actions of numerous governments, has given large parts of the retail trade to the western world, listed and sold my book worldwide in 2020? Why didn’t one of the most powerful corporations in the world reject the book, which is critical of the corona and science, from the outset? “

Should global dictatorship be implemented in a hurry?

And further: “My explanation for this will again not please some of my readers, because this brings us to a point where many see red: The overthrow of Donald Trump in the so-called ‘election’ in November 2020 created the opportunity to further restrict opinion worldwide. With Joe Biden as the new puppet in the White House, the Secret World Government was given the opportunity to create a global dictatorship that is now being implemented at a rapid pace, step by step, in a brutal way.”

In addition, his lockdown book names the beneficiaries of the crisis. Jeff Bezos and Amazon are among them. This makes it clear to the critical observer why the large international corporation with its quasi-monopoly is trying to ban the book from the public.

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