The EU Commission is promoting more immigration under #NextGenerationEU

In an Instagram picture, the EU Commission reveals how it imagines Europe in the post-Corona era. Increasing immigration is part of it in order to make Europe even more “colorful”.

A post from the European Commission caused a veritable shit storm on social media. Under the hashtag #NextGenerationEU, the next long-term budget of the EU of 1.8 trillion euros was introduced, which is to serve to build a post-Covid-19 Europe.

Users demand exit from the EU

“Together, we can shape the world we want to live in.” But apparently there are differences between the EU and the citizens regarding the world to be designed. Because many users commented critically why there are no “autochthonous” Europeans in the picture – that is, what some of the users still think they are. The calls for leaving the EU are also getting louder in the comment columns where DEXIT, IREXIT, ILATEXIT, GREXIT and ROEXIT are celebrating happy beginnings.

No more propaganda

Many also demand that the constant propaganda in the name of “diversity” should finally be stopped. They note that whites or Europeans of western provenance are obviously the only population group that can be openly and consistently discriminated against with impunity.

Only one day after the post, the EU Commission finally felt compelled to comment after deleting tens of thousands of critical comments. One is sad about the large number of negative reactions because of the skin color of the father and the child, they said. After all, European society is diverse and this is a strength for Europe that the contribution also wanted to show and represent. With so much sensitivity on the part of the EU, it is almost surprising that the term “father”, which is outdated according to modern left-wing ideology, is still used and not the modern and progressive “parent” being used.

Of course, the best solution is for “us” and “them” to go our own ways, which is why rural secession has come to be the only real answer.  Let the refugees and migrants congregate in the cities with all the wokesters, while we real Westerners continue on in our rural idyll.

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