“This wasn’t about George Floyd. It was about power.”

Speech by Candace Owens

In an incendiary speech, the conservative commentator Candace Owens castigated the verdict against the police officer Derek Chauvin as “mob justice” which is used by left-wing media to manipulate people “like pawns” and “usurp power”.

Speaking to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Owens said the verdict was the result of “mob justice” by a media-whipped horde. “This wasn’t about George Floyd or Derek Chauvin. This was about whether the media have the power to create a reality and a narrative without any facts.”

Owens criticized the fact that a few minutes from Floyd’s arrest were played “in a loop”, omitting important details such as Floyd’s many criminal records, fatal overdose, previous breathlessness or 45 minutes of resistance.

“The media told us this was a man who was in the process of straightening his life, a precious member of society who suffered because a ‘racist white cop’ came after him and killed him … it all fell apart, “said Owens.

In the process, an alleged racist motivation Chauvin was neither proven nor even mentioned. If there had been signs of racism in Chauvin’s life or on social media, it would probably have been known by now.

“The media keep hyping this narrative,” says Owens, “and the left-wing Democrats are happy because the media are on their side and they can now get everything they want. They can treat people like pawns and make them say if we don’t get what we want then there will be a riot and they send these people like their troops into the communities to torch everything. And that’s exactly what happened.”

“Expectations are already being postponed,” says Owens. “They say now that Chauvin’s guilty verdict is not enough. They want an everlasting overthrow. For this they keep people in ignorance. Therefore, they want people in school to learn only about race, and to be angry. This is propaganda that is going on in the mainstream media and it works: They are using ‘Critical Race Theory’ and all of that nonsense to produce on the assembly line human failures who are angry and violent and who loot and riot for Democrats, because that’s what they want: puppets in their plan to conquer the country. “

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