Globalists prepare new crisis in the US because Great Reset begins to fail

One crisis will follow another until totalitarianism is adopted.

The US is the primary target of globalists. New corona mutations, internal uprisings, war with other countries, and cyber attacks are unleashed on the population until they voluntarily bow to the globalists.

Because the American people are not easily subjugated and controlled and the Great Reset is met with a lot of resistance, the globalists are planning another crisis.

This is particularly evident in opposition to the forced vaccination and other medical tyrannies that are currently wreaking havoc in the western world and globally.

Most of the Asian countries, India and Australia are already well under control. Africa is almost an offspring when you consider that there are many suspicious vaccines being tested in Africa. America is the only major obstacle to the agenda. Conservative Americans in particular have been a thorn in the side of globalists for generations. It really boils down to a simple issue of mutual exclusion. You cannot have an openly globalist society and conservative ideals in the same place at the same time. That’s impossible.

Above all, the rights of the real free markets, the unregulated government, individual freedom, the value of life, freedom of speech and press, private property rights and the right to self-defense, freedom of religion and freedom of self-determination are the focus.

Because of the globalists’ “lust for power”, they are now preparing a further crisis, because the people of the USA are resistant and unruly against their assumption of power. Above all, it is important to unmask the pretended “philanthropy”.

Real philanthropists would have no problem if someone refused to accept their ‘charity’, but psychopaths cannot stand it when a group of people rejects them and their ideology. They are not allowed to move away from them. You are not allowed to do things your own way. They have to be forced to submit. The agenda only works if EVERYONE submits. Unfortunately for the globalists, the reset doesn’t work for them everywhere. In the USA the agenda fails miserably compared to Asia and parts of Europe.

What is the central clue for this?

COVID-19 “planned to usher in the new world order” – that has failed. One factor in the simulation of Event 201 that never happened was the WEF’s prediction of the deaths. The war game suggested at least 65 million initial deaths from the pandemic. Early projections of the death rate indicated 2% to 3% of the population or more. The same predictions were repeated by the UN World Health Organization when the real pandemic first became public.

Instead, Covid-19 was a disappointment for globalists, with a tiny death rate of around 0.26% outside of nursing homes. That means 99.7% of the population has nothing to fear from Covid. Millions of Americans recognize the situation and refuse to obey the regulations because of a virus that poses no threat.

To force another lockdown in the US, you would need a second crisis.

Was this second crisis already looming? How?

(1) So-called corona mutations: The mainstream media are pushing a non-stop narrative of the Covid mutation hype. We hear about UK and Brazilian variants weekly and it is claimed that these variants are sure to be more infectious and deadly than the original virus.

There is still no evidence of this, but the globalists just want to anchor the idea in people’s minds. They just want to rekindle fear.

Today we know for sure that Covid is not an issue for the vast majority of the population. The media’s attempts to increase the threat will be ineffective, but of course they will try anyway.

(2) The BLM uprisings: This is the next obvious tactic on the establishment’s side. Numerous state officials are openly advocating renewed unrest across the country over a recent police shooting in Minnesota. This event had nothing to do with racism or police brutality. But, that doesn’t stop Marxist groups like BLM from taking advantage of the situation and presenting everything about ‘white supremacy’.

The concern is that civil unrest in the US will be allowed to spread and smolder until the guarantors act in vigilante justice. Anyone who does this will be accused of “racist aggression”. This could lead to the imposition of martial law (in some regions). This in combination with renewed attempts at Covid Lockdowns is a very likely scenario.

(3) The Cyber ​​Polygon: Cyber ​​Polygon is a war game that is being organized by the WEF in July of this year and is intended to simulate a major cyber attack on the global supply chain and the economic system. There were endless discussions in the media last year, fueling fears of cyber attacks by Russia, China, Iran and even North Korea.

A successful attack on the supply chains would lead to crashes on the stock exchanges and Wall Street and make a great reset easier.

(4) Global War Tensions: The media and the Biden administration are very busy creating tension with Russia over Ukraine.

There are renewed tensions between Iran and Israel and continued destabilization by the West in Syria. And the risk of a confrontation with China over Taiwan is increasing.

War could be the goal, or the goal might just be economic conflict. After all, China already sold dollars and US treasuries last year. It wouldn’t take much to damage the dollar’s world reserve status if China and Russia both entered a basket of currencies for world trade.

This strategy is known and loved by Democratic presidents – so why stop now?

Ultimately, it is about subjugating America since the US is the primary target of globalists. Crisis after crisis will follow until people, completely depressed, willingly accept totalitarianism.

The bottom line is this: America is the globalists’ primary target because we are one of the only countries with the resources and the numbers to stop them and the reset.

Until they are removed from the equation, they will continue to throw crisis after crisis at us, wearing us down and forcing us to accept totalitarianism.

Don’t get too comfortable in the fact that the pandemic agenda is failing here. Stay vigilant and keep organizing your communities.

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