Senior military officials warn Macron of civil war

Reason: Muslim immigration and leftist ideologies

Numerous former and current high officers in the French army warn President Macron of an approaching civil war.  Unchecked immigration from Muslim countries in combination with politically left ideologies foment this civil war, according to the military.

In an open letter, 20 retired generals and more than 1,000 soldiers and officers warn President Emmanuel Macron that France is rapidly moving towards civil war because of Muslim immigrants and leftist ideologies. The generals suggest that military intervention will be relevant if French politicians don’t address the issues. In the letter published in the newspaper Valeurs Actuelles, the generals point to three reasons why French society is heading for a “dissolution”.

The first reason is alleged “anti-racism”, whose supporters, according to the letter, actually want to see a race war: “They despise our country, its traditions, its culture. They want the country to be dissolved by removing its past and history.”

The second reason for the dissolution, according to the generals, is Islamism and the “suburban hordes”. These are trying to create their own territory on French soil with their own laws.

And a third threat is that instead of addressing these issues, French politicians are using militarized police officers to instead crack down on French people who have had enough and are protesting – like the yellow vests. “The situation is getting worse, the violence is increasing day by day. Who would have predicted ten years ago that a teacher would be beheaded on the way from his school?” the letter asks.

In this situation, the “servants of the nation” in the military cannot and must not stand still and watch, according to the generals. If the development is allowed to continue unchecked, sooner or later this will lead to “an explosion” and “an intervention by our colleagues on active service in a dangerous mission to protect our civilized values ​​and our compatriots.”

The letter closes with a warning to Macron: If nothing is done, “tomorrow’s civil war will end this growing chaos and the deaths for which you will be responsible will be numbered by the thousands”. The French government now condemns the generals’ open letter and compares it with an echo of the failed coup that French generals carried out almost exactly 60 years ago against the then President Charles de Gaulle.

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