Soros NGOs will soon decide on the admissibility of a state!

The head of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, is convinced that George Soros’ organizations were involved in the Black Lives Matter riots after the death of the African-American George Floyd the previous year. It is the same structures that organize “color revolutions” worldwide. Soros and his henchmen create a system of criteria that determines whether a state is declared “inadmissible” – with all the consequences, said Patrushev.

Fight against NGO dictation

The West could soon initiate sanctions or military strikes against sovereign states based on NGO recommendations. Something similar happened in Syria, which was bombed due to “White Helmet” reports. Avoiding this kind of lawlessness is now a key task for sovereign states that are unwilling to live by rules that are imposed from outside. Soros, but also others, have a particular interest in Russia, said Patrushev. The hostility towards Russia is the same today as it was a hundred years ago, accompanied by many attempts to blacken the country.

Pseudo-democracies EU and USA

Because Moscow has always seen what is going on in the West: religiously motivated massacres, inquisitions, witch hunts, the colonial enslavement of people and other things that the West does not like to remember. Today, the EU and US are doing everything they can to suppress dissenting opinions and the civil rights of those who are no longer ready to support “Western values” – but at the same time they portray Russia as the main threat to freedom and tolerance, Pertrushev said, alluding to their coordinated sanctions.

To the recent accusations from US President Joe Biden, he said: “You, the American elite, are destabilizing the country”. They flirt with social outsiders who rob businesses with noble motives. As an example, he cited the announcement of the Black Lives Matter movement to found its own “George Floyd State”, to which whites have no access and where local gangs are supposed to take over the duties of the police.

Mendacious moral values

In democracies it is not customary for new heads of government, just out of personal dislike, to destroy all laws of the predecessor (Biden against Trump). Democracies do not blackmail other sovereign states, do not violate international law, intervene in a warlike manner or impose economic sanctions. Nor do they trample on human rights or restrict freedom of speech at home and abroad. They do not use racism in all variations to solve their internal problems and do not attract extremists and terrorists on their side for geopolitical reasons. They do not allow transnational organizations to interfere in government policy and impose their interests on them and – even worse: banning a legitimate head of government from social networks and media.

The announcements of the White House to normalize the dialogue with Russia are respected, said Petrushev. But people prefer to believe in deeds rather than words.

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