Transatlantic censorship alliance is supposed to bring the Internet into line

USA and EU in a left-wing power frenzy

The EU and the USA are now planning a “transatlantic tech alliance” in which, among other things, a global, joint censorship mechanism for Internet communication is to be created. The state must be able to intervene in the decision of what content the citizens get to see – the dictatorship sends its regards.

We are looking for common ways in which states can contribute to a free and democratic Internet through regulation, it says. State regulation must intervene in the algorithms that decide what content users are presented with, according to an accompanying paper.

Socialist Pact

America’s left-wing President Joe Biden, the responsible socialist EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager and Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas want to finally fulfill their dream: There must be no other opinion than the one they ordered. “Many people now realize that our values ​​have to be defended online and join the demand for international coordination,” Maas said. “The EU will not be able to ensure secure online communication on its own, we need strong partners for this,” he said.

They want to prevent polarizing and democratic effects in social media. This is the opinion of Commissioner Vestager. In discussions with US partners, she emphasized: Together we could set a framework for the development and use of a technology that “reflects our shared democratic values”. The technology-political world must move closer together, the EU is pulling along. This is how one also wants to fight foreign disinformation. All of this is reminiscent of the dark days of the Soviet Union, which could only keep its states in line with strict censorship – and failed.


The background to this grandiose idea is the plan by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to impose a global minimum tax on internet giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft & Co. To do this, however, tax loopholes must be closed globally. Germany assured Yellen that they would be accommodating.  For the time being, the US Treasury Secretary was primarily concerned with a minimum tax for Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft & Co. She is already campaigning for this idea in the G-20 group, where the major industrialized and emerging countries are represented.

Higher taxes for Americans

The money is to be used to help finance Biden’s $ 2 trillion infrastructure project. The catch: China and Russia will hardly go along with this and be friendlier to large corporations than the US government would like. At the same time, Yellen wants to increase taxes in the USA in general. Trump had lowered it from 35 to 21 percent and thus boosted the economy. Yellen wants to raise the rate to 28 percent. Because in their circles one is convinced: higher taxes do not harm the economy. She also wants to raise her concerns at the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. Other topics there: climate change, access to vaccines and government measures for economic recovery.

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